Three life changing documentaries about aging

Oct. 21, 2017

Because autumn is always a good time to film, Guidedoc brings you three memorable documentaries where aging stands out as an act full of life and dignity.

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Keys to the castle by Darren Hercher (2006)



After having been living most of their life in an immense castle in the middle of the Scottish countryside, Alisoun and Sandy Grant face the possibility of abandoning their dwelling as it has become bigger as they get older. Director Darren Hercher becomes a guest of the castle to let us see through the camera the daily life of the Grants and get to know the corners of this inmense stone fortress where their love story once flourished. The narrative thread of the film rests on the restless trace of Alisoun under, as she has the responsibility of the maintenance of the castle due to the advanced age of her husband,. Keys to the Castle is a beautiful film about a dwelling that expires and a marriage that fades to a beautiful autumnal tone.


Not All is Vigil by Antonio Paralluelo (2016)



Felisa Lou and Antonio Paralluelo begin to feel that their lives are at the mercy of time. For a long time, old age has been making a dent in their bodies and minds, and both find it difficult to take care of each other. The dark corridors and rooms of a ghostly public hospital resemble the labyrinth in which they both wander at this stage of their lives. Here, nurses monitor Antonio's vital signs before Felisa´s evasive look, as she fears that her husband's desire to move to a nursing home becomes a reality. In the middle of the film, both leave the hospital room to immerse themselves in the spaces of their taciturn home. The occasional dialogue of these two eternal companions, lying in the comfort of their own bed, augurs a dignifying farewell.


Autum Gold by Jan Tenhaven (2010)



In this unmissable documentary, we accompany five passionate athletes who prepare hard for the most important competition of the year. None of them are less than eighty years old, and yet, every day they test their bodies to professional levels. Whether it's the high jump competition, the discus throw or in a race on the track, these admirable competitors will strive to be ready at the day the Senior Olympics start in Finland. At the event, colleagues from all over the world come together to celebrate constancy, temper and physical health. As they share their testimonies with us, they also seem to speak with their actions. If life will die out soon, better do it as an honorable Olympic flame.

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