Caimo - Bitter Regret

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  • 2015
  • 71min
Caimo - Bitter Regret
  • Original Title: Caimo - Bitter Regret

With the landscape of the Balkans as a backdrop, this documentary follows a family of Aromanians, an ethnic minority trying to maintain their traditions scattered across southern Europe.

Caimo - Bitter Regret

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Macedonian Film Festival

Caimo - Bitter Regret. The last Aromanians of Europe

Traditionally nomadic shepherds, Aromanians, or Vlachs, are an ethnic group with a Latin-based language that can be found in different parts of the Southeastern Europe. 

Caimo, meaning “bitter regret”, follows one of the few remaining Aromanian families in a village in the Balkans. 

Using an observational and poetic style, it depicts the everyday routine, the dysfunctions, the poverty, the music and the ambivalent attachment to the past of a ruptured family that struggles to maintain its identity in a world that has no use for its traditional values.

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Arka Media Production

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