Not All Is Vigil

  • 7.5 10
  • 2016
  • 97min
Not All Is Vigil
  • Original Title: No todo es vigilia

A love story that begins when its lead characters, Antonio and Felisa, have been together for over 60 years and their delicate health means they can no longer care for one another. The prospect of having to move into a home for the elderly looms menacingly on the horizon. Felisa, 82, wanders the cold, empty spaces of the hospital to which her 84 year old husband Antonio was admitted days ago. Felisa is worried, because she knows her husband has asked for a place in a home and she's afraid her life will change.

Not All Is Vigil
AWARDS: Best Documentary. Bratislava International Film Festival/ Signis Award. Mar del Plata International Film Festival/ Special Mention. Palm Springs International Film Festival/ Best Iberoamerican Film. Uruguay International Film Festival/ Best Film. Coquin Independent International Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: San Sebastian International Film Festival/ Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival/ UNAM FICUNAM/ Guadalajara International Film Festival/ Espanoramas Films in Spanish Showcase/ Murcia International Film Festival/ Malaga Film Festival/ Documenta Madrid/ Karlovy Vary International Film Festival/ Film Fest Munchen

Not all is vigil, the guests of time

Antonio Paralluelo and Felisa Lou face the last days of their lives. Both have in their lives almost the time of two centuries and an endless number of memories that accompany them in these instances of silence and slow walking. When they lose the faculties to take care of eachother in their solitude, the passage of time has become the first threat to their union and Felisa is beginning to worry about a possible move to a shelter of old people Antonio has begun to be interested in.

In the first half of the film, director Hermes Paralluelo shoots both of them in fixed and prolonged shots, as they inhabit a ghostly public hospital, in which machines and the instruments of faceless nurses monitor their vital signs. A small house of Rembrandtian illumination becomes the other space of coexistence, where the trivial and lingered conversations give life to an endearing companionship that withers in every second that fades away from vigil.

Hermes Paralluelo
Hermes Paralluelo Screenplay, Director
Felisa Lou
Felisa Lou Herself

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