Three documentaries about music to watch online

June 16, 2020

Cuba, Russia and Portugal, equidistant places where music plays a vital role in society and in the small microcosms that compose it. The following select list of music documentaries that you can watch online on Guidedoc present endearing stories full of melody and musical instruments.

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Generation Orchestra


Inspired by the successful Venezuelan "El Sistema", in Portugal a system of classical music education has been put into place in Portugal some years ago in public schools throughout the country.

Focusing on three children, Ana, Daniel, and Diogo, filmmakers Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra choose the Miguel Torga School in the city of Amadora to document the daily lives of dozens of children who learn to play their instruments and prepare the repertoire of the local children's orchestra.

This film is a piece about the transfer of knowledge and the indescribable magic that music gives to the children's learning process.

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The Oldies


Cándido, Bringuez and Zaida were in the past personalities of reference in the vibrant Cuban music scene.

But many years have passed in a decadent revolution and those years of show time are only a pleasant memory for them. In the autumn of their lives, they form a triptych of romantic characters, who fight against oblivion and the limitations of old age to continue their passions.

Bringuez is still determined to play his old saxophone, Zaida sings and sings, and Cándido lingers on the old pictures of those golden years.

Venezuelan filmmaker Rosana Matecki makes a beautiful portrait of the old age that carries in its blood the enormous musical heritage that gravitates in Cuban society.

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The Nation


In Russia there is a small ethnic community that refuses to die.

Their ancient wisdom has told them that the only way to achieve this is to continue their particular songs alive, a music that only lights up with the warmness of their voice. In the midst of an icy landscape, the snow seems to yield to the voices that still sing that music.

Filmmaker Julia Mironova documents this resilient community and gives it image with a beautiful cinematography and an open ear to the beautiful melodies of these picturesque inhabitants.


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