Beethoven Reloaded

  • 8.5 10
  • 2020
  • 53min
Beethoven Reloaded
  • Original Title: Beethoven Reloaded

Through technology and various present-day experiences, this fascinating educational documentary revisits the relevance of the prolific German composer Ludwig van Beethoven in today's world.

Beethoven Reloaded

Beethoven Reloaded. A composer of the future

Following our series "The Power of Music", sponsored by Accentus Music, comes this documentary, perhaps the most important audiovisual piece that has been made about Ludwig van Beethoven in the last decade.

The film takes us through various artistic and educational experiences in which the work of the German composer is used, and at the same time gives us a fresh look at his biography to understand the role that Beethoven continues to play in the universal cultural imaginary.

Andy Sommer
Andy Sommer Director

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