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Saz: The Key Of Trust

  • 9.3 10
  • 2018
  • 97min
Saz: The Key Of Trust
  • Original Title: Von Berlin nach Khorassan - Das Geheimnis der Saz

Prolific musician Petra Nachtmanova embarks on a journey from Berlin, through the Caucasus and Turkey, to Iran, in search of the origins of the instrument she carries on her back: the Saz.

Saz: The Key Of Trust

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Istanbul Film Festival

Saz: The Key Of Trust. A musical road movie

Ever since the talented musician Petra Nachtmanova stumbled upon a Saz, a seven-stringed instrument of Asian origin, her life changed completely.

In search of the meaning of life and with the idea of enriching her own musical heritage, Nachtmanova begins a road trip that takes her from the center of Europe to Iran, on a route through the places where her beloved, mystical instrument is still played

Whether in Bosnia, Turkey or Tehran, the question she always asks is the same: Do you have a song I can take home? Without a doubt, this is a musical road movie like few others that you can't miss. 

Production Companies

CC Wesnigk

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