Artic Superstar

  • 9 10
  • 2016
  • 71min
Artic Superstar
  • Original Title: Arktisk superstjerne

In a remote Arctic village in northern Norway, an indigenous rapper tries to make a living with his music. But, will he be able to do it if only a few thousand people speak his endangered language?

Artic Superstar

AWARDS: Honorable Mention. DokFilm-festival Volda/ Special Prize. The IXth International Northern Character Film and TV Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Nominated Best TV-Documentary Gullruten Documentary Debut, Murmansk/ Tromsø International Film Festival/ Amandusfestival/ The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival/ DOK München/ The Norwegian Short Film Festival/ Guth Gafa International Documentary Film Festival/ Nordkapp Filmfestival/ Love and Anarchy Helsinki International Film Festival/ Bergen International Film Festival/ Arctic Moving Image & Film Festival/ 58th Nordic Film Days Lübeck/ Leeds International Film Festival/ Noordelijk Film Festival/ Sound Unseen/ Rokumentti Rock Film Festival/ Northern Character Film & TC Festival/ Big Sky Documentary Film Festival/ Arctic Heat Film Festival/ World Film Festival/ Monopol Music Festival/ Athens Film & Video Festival/ Nashville Film Festival/ Tallgrass Film Festival/ Hollywood Theatre/ The UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues/Scandinavia House/ Southbank Centre/ Nordic Polar Festival

Arctic Superstar. The indigenous rapper of the snows

100 words for snow, no words for yo. 

The indigenous, Samí rapper Nils Rune Utsi - aka SlinCraze - lives with his mother in Máze, a nearly abandoned town in the Arctic Highlands of Norway. 

His dream is to make a living from his music and maybe even become world famous. The only problem is that less than 20.000 people speak his endangered language.

Simen Braathen
Simen Braathen Director

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