The Best Babies and pregnancy Documentary to watch out there

6 de juliol de 2022

Whether due to a pregnancy, a recent birth of a baby that has come into the family, or simply being curious about your origins, Guidedoc recommends you watch these great documentaries about babies that will show you the miracle of life.

Why watch documentaries about babies and pregnancy?

It never hurts to be prepared for the most important event of our lives. The birth of a baby is as close to a "miracle" as we can imagine. If we think about it, it is a new life coming into this world, with all the vulnerability that implies.

The process of gestation is perhaps the most complex biological process for human beings. It is the only time that more than one heart beats within the same body. In addition, the more we learn about new scientific advances in cognition and infancy, the better parents we can be. 

For these reasons and more, Guidedoc brings you a list of the best documentaries about babies that you can't miss.

What are the best baby and pregnancy documentaries?

  • In The Womb Multiples

  • Babies

  • The Beginning Of Life

  • The Business of Being Born

  • From Conception To Birth

  • Babies

In The Womb Multiples


A 3D animation of triplets inside a womb

This National Geographic documentary film released in 2007 uses advanced 3D animation techniques to illustrate three pregnancy cases of multiple babies: twins, triplets and quadruplets.

The doc demonstrates how the maternal womb can be transformed into an infinitely flexible world, a place that can behave in the least predictable ways.

But, can these babies in gestation achieve the miracle of their birth and survival?

In the best style of the National Geographic Channel, this documentary has testimonies from medical experts who explain all the phases of these extraordinary cases of pregnancy and shed light on a species that is a marvel of reproduction.



The legs of a baby with motion trackers on them


In the first year of life, a person grows faster than he/she will in the rest of his/her life. A Baby may go to sleep and yet wake up in a different body the next morning. This Netflix documentary shows us how fast babies evolve in their first months of existence.

To give an example, something we see as normal as walking can completely change a baby's life. The film was made out of footage that was collected throughout a year by different camera operators that shot 15 babies during their first year.

That is why is so fascinating to see how each baby begins to form his own personality from the moment he is born. We also get to know how they incorporate speech into their own language even using it to show love.

This educational documentary will change our notion of the beginning of life by discovering the vast knowledge that our babies can have.

The Beginning Of Life


A little baby smiling under a white blanket


If you have reached this point on the list, you may have realized that, according to experts, babies are the most efficient learning machines in the universe. Well, this documentary makes us see even further. Babies, in fact, are also the first great innovators.

The film has a group of experts on childhood living in various parts of the world who explain in detail and simplicity the intelligence with which babies and children are associated.

If you want to renew your ability to surprise yourself about the existence of everything that surrounds us, this documentary will fill your soul with hope and optimism, the same emotions that babies normally infect us.

The Business of Being Born


A mother with her newborn baby


Modern medicine has come a long way in making sure our babies are born healthy and safe. But do we know all about maternity care in contemporary times? Produced by Red Envelope Entertainment, a Netflix company, this documentary film focuses on the economic repercussions of maternity care in the medical industry of the United States. 

Several doctors and experts in the field explain in detail all the ins and outs of the United States medical industry, in which maternity care is an essential part of the capitalist medical business model.

The film is made so that everyone, especially future parents of babies, can have more information about the procedures surrounding childbirth or cesarean section, and their rights before, during, and after giving birth.



An African baby smiling in the open


If you've ever been curious about how babies grow up in different cultures around the world, well, this is the documentary film you were waiting for all your life. "Babies" takes us to three continents of the world to follow babies growing up in places as equidistant as San Francisco, USA; Bayanchandmani, Mongolia; Opuso, Namibia and Tokyo, Japan.

The documentary's greatest achievement lies in its semi-observational approach to the everyday lives of these babies of different races and cultures. We will see that despite the particular forms of upbringing and the contrasting environments in which these cute babies discover the world, the same behavior persists that unites us as human beings from the first day we are born: our infinite thirst for curiosity.

From Conception To Birth


Two parents looking at their newborn baby in the hospital


In the best style of Discovery Channel tv shows, this television docuseries is like a kind of ship that takes us inside a mother's womb to learn in detail about all the stages and biological processes involved in the gestation stage and the birth of a baby.

With the use of advanced technology and the latest scientific knowledge about the matter, each episode of this series shows in a didactic way the evolution of the embryo until it finally becomes the living being we know as a baby throughout the 10 weeks of gestation.

From Conception To Birth will be especially useful for parents who want to know what is happening in the womb in each week from conception, and thus be able to accompany their future child until birth. 

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