GuideDoc is a global curated documentary streaming platform

Discover and watch the world's best hand-picked and award-winning documentaries from around the globe. New must-see movies every day. We look for documentaries with the aim of turning anyone into a lover of the genre. We have only one essential requirement: to offer great documentaries made by professionals that know how to tell stories.

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At GuideDoc we are a team of documentary lovers that take the selection process of our films very seriously. We hand pick our docs with love.

However, apart from loving documentaries, we love technology. We make a big effort every day to create the perfect app and website with the intent that our documentaries will be seen alongside an excellent user experience. GuideDoc is currently investing in technology for documentaries like no other company has done before.

Our Story

Victor, our founder, is a journalist. In 2007 he founded a production company which has created numerous radio and television programs. In 2013 he produced a documentary movie that received an excellent international reception. During that time, travelling around the world from festival to festival, he realized something that you probably already know: Every year the filmmakers from this planet produce a lot of precious cinematographic jewels, amazing documentaries with great stories that will never reach their final audience. The reason for this is that in the documentary world there's a major distribution problem. And this is exactly what GuideDoc is trying to solve. You can find further information, vídeos, images and logos in our press folder.

Our Principles

· We like documentaries that help create a better world.

· We don't go crazy with premiers; it's the same to us if it's an old film. Our only condition is that it should be a good documentary that has a good story.

· We don't like exclusives. We want good documentaries to be seen by the largest amount of genre lovers possible and, therefore, we always recommend that filmmakers try to distribute their work on all possible platforms.

· We don't force anyone into anything. We're flexible and we adapt to the needs of each filmmaker, producer or distributor. This is the agreement that we usually reach with them.

· We don't pay commissions to anyone. Instead, we use a revenue share system. The higher the number of users and the higher the amount of views for each movie, the more money we distribute amongst the creators.

· 50% of all the money that we receive from users goes directly to the filmmakers. With the other 50% we cover the rest: equipment, development, technology, servers, marketing and all other expenses.

· We're a really young project; we were born in September 2016. GuideDoc is a completely self-financed project. We don't have external investors. It's not easy, but we're happier.

· We have optimized expenses as best as we could so that the filmmakers always get the maximum amount of money. As such, we never pay for conversions from strange formats, tapes that are sent on transoceanic planes or other tasks that may have made sense in another time.

· We don't have a phone number. We're a really small team and to be more productive we manage the whole project solely by email.

· We are working every day nonstop to make GuideDoc known to the largest amount of genre lovers possible and by doing so, distribute the maximum amount of money possible among the filmmakers so they can continue to create great films.

· What we do every day is what we would do if it were the last.

Veure ara