The Licensor guarantees GuideDoc, and GuideDoc accepts from the Licensor, the right to rent, exhibit or exploit in a Subscription Video On Demand modality (SVOD or AVOD) the Film under the conditions specified in this contract, as well as within the territory and during the time fixed herein.


The Film will be commercialized by GuideDoc only through DIGITAL DEVICES AND PLATFORMS (web, phones, tablets, multimedia centers like Apple TV apps, platforms, Android apps, Smart TV, watches, or any other current or future device with similar or same features).
This is a NON-EXCLUSIVE cession of rights, compatible with any other existing or future distribution Agreement. It is a parallel and complementary way of exploitation. And only in digital format for online consumption.
GuideDoc is only entitled to receive commissions of the income generated by the Film within this Agreement, not allowed to claim to the Licensor about any amount generated by the same Film through any other channels.


The cession of these rights is valid for 1 year from the date on this contract, with automatic renewal unless otherwise agreed by both parties.
Even so, GuideDoc reserves the right to terminate this contract or to deactivate the publication of part or all of the titles indicated as the Film for curatorial or other reasons. In the same way, Guidedoc will remove the film from the platform the moment the Licensor requests it.


Trying to facilitate the compatibility with any other commercial Agreement present or future, GuideDoc will limit the access to the Film in the territories that the Licensor could need.


GuideDoc commits to promoting the demand by finding the best possible methods in accordance with its exploitation model. For this purpose, GuideDoc can use derivative products provided by the Licensor, such as trailers, teasers, posters, original soundtrack or similar products.
Guidedoc will try to publish the Film as soon as possible after the reception of the materials of the Film. The waiting period will not exceed 90 days.
Once the film is online, Guidedoc will send a notification to the Licensor to the E-mail specified in this contract.


The Licensor will provide GuideDoc the best version of the Film (best possible quality) in digital format free of charge or shipping costs or transference.
The Licensor will prioritize the delivery of a clean (without subtitles) international version of the film with separate English (and all the current and future languages) subtitles only in SRT or VTT formats.
If there is no clean version of the movie, Guidedoc can also accept a version with English subtitles embedded.
International version (clean without subtitles)
Film subtitles. In English, plus all the current and future languages possessed by the Licensor.
WebVTT (preferably) or SRT formats are accepted. If there is no clean version of the movie we can also accept a version with the subtitles embedded.


The Licensor will pass on the materials using our digital service (Upload) to GuideDoc as soon as possible from the signing of this Agreement.Nevertheless, if both parties agree, other digital upload methods could be used for this purpose.
If Guidedoc does not receive from the Licensor the requested materials after three months of the singing of this contract, GuideDoc reserves the right to terminate this agreement unilaterally.
GuideDoc will use the most secure platforms to minimize the piracy and security attacks.


The Licensor states that he/she has obtained all the legal rights and required rights for the use as foreseen in this Agreement. For this reason, the Licensor assumes full responsibility for the Film and exonerates GuideDoc of any legal, civil, criminal or administrative liability on the Film. The same way, it is the responsibility of the Licensor to coordinate the rights transferred to third parties with the rights granted on this Agreement.
Both parties are committed to diligently inform the other part in case they have knowledge of any claim by third parties.


All the benefits generated by the exploitation of the Film by GuideDoc will be split 50% between the Licensor and GuideDoc. Therefore, the 50 percent of the money that GuideDoc receives from users goes directly to the Licensor. With the other 50% GuideDoc covers all the other costs, like servers, development of the apps, team, maintenance, marketing, taxes and fees.
The proportional calculation will be made for every product by detailed consumption data disposed by GuideDoc.
The sale or rental or subscription fees will be decided by GuideDoc according to market prices.
GuideDoc will detail all incomes related to the Film, verified by the computer system implemented in the application. The Licensor will be able to consult this data whenever he/she wants on his dashboard (Licenser Dashboard). The data is updated every month.


GuideDoc will pay the Licensor the benefit sharing quarterly. This procedure will be done by bank transfer, paypal or by any other method agreed by both parties and within a maximum of 30 days from the receipt of the corresponding invoice. The Licensor will be responsible for issuing the bill to GuideDoc with all the amounts calculated in accordance with section 9.
GuideDoc will pay the Licensor in US Dollars or Euros with the best possible exchange rate at the time of payment.


The Licensor has no obligation to inform GuideDoc about new or old agreements with other platforms or media. The same way, the Licensor has full freedom to assign its rights even in other online platforms without the approval of GuideDoc.