Three freezing documentaries about cold places

Aug. 15, 2019

Because we all have dreamed of venturing into worlds of ice walls or cold, mysterious mists, what better way to do it than through the screens that we have most at hand and from the comfort of our home?

Guidedoc presents the following three documentaries about cold places that you can watch now online, an immersion that will freeze the entire living room.

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Frozen Man by Carolina Campo Lupo



The following documentary shows that a delicate gaze through a film camera is the only thing necessary to capture even the smallest feature of an indomitable geography.

On board an Uruguayan Navy Vessel during its customary trip to the Antarctic, the director Carolina Campo Lupo shows us the majesty of this continent as opposed to the small figure of the humans who inhabit the boat.

At the beginning of the film, the focus of the story is occupied by the meticulous observation of the silent routine of the military on board the ship, but while the pieces of ice grow larger in the sea, the gaze changes to the white geography of the Antarctic and its vestiges of civilization.

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Siberian Floating Hospital by Tatyana Soboleva



The inhabitants of the small settlements that swarm along the frozen Siberian plain in northern Russia only receive medical attention each time the ship Nicolai Pigorov, a floating hospital of the Russian navy, arrives across the rivers of the region when the ice melts.

In order to make this documentary, the director Tatyana Soboleva spent several months on board the ship filming the small events that occur during the long route. The narrative thread of the film is based on the daily scenes of the crew and the series of consultations carried out by the resident doctors.

The most interesting part of the film is the conversations between the characters, whether in the kitchen, a cabin, the waiting room or in the doctor office, interactions where the dilemmas of the Russian society emerge on a daily basis.

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Fog by Nicole Vogele


When the fog arrives, it covers everything, even places distant to each other. The director Nicole Vogele uses the cinematic medium to unite in a single mass the mists of three very different territories in this bold documentary.

A competition of poodle dogs, a guitarist singing to an idyllic woman or an astronomer looking for answers in the dark universe are some of the apparently unrelated scenes that spin this ingenious documentary.

In Fog the spectator plays the same role as an avid puzzle player, in this case with film frames portraying different realities that are linked by a visual metaphor: that of the fog as a reminder of loneliness and our inherent longing for certainty.


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