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The Moon

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  • 2006
  • Nonemin
The Moon
  • Original Title: The Moon

1972 was the year a great affair ended, as the human race fell out of love with the moon. Just three years after the world was gripped by Neil Armstrong's giant leap for mankind, the last man left the moon and we have never been back. This film tells the epic story of our love affair with the moon - what inspired it, how it faded away and how we are now falling in love all over again.

The Moon
Ruth Whippman
Ruth Whippman Director
Charlie Stanfield
Charlie Stanfield Camera Operator
Jonathan Renouf
Jonathan Renouf Executive Producer
Tricia Power
Tricia Power Researcher
Rosie Thomas
Rosie Thomas Researcher
Anya Roberts
Anya Roberts Production Coordinator
Bryan Phillips
Bryan Phillips Production Coordinator
Faith Harris
Faith Harris Production Coordinator
Adrian Brindle
Adrian Brindle Color Timer
Martin O'Toole
Martin O'Toole Camera Operator
Mark Owen
Mark Owen Sound Mixer
Ian Ross
Ian Ross Sound
Paul Appleton
Paul Appleton Production Manager
John Lynch
John Lynch Producer
Sean Pertwee
Sean Pertwee Narrator
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson Himself - NASA
Paul Blase
Paul Blase Himself - TransOrbital
Margaret Curtis
Margaret Curtis Herself - Local Historian
Dr Winnifred Cutler
Dr Winnifred Cutler Herself - Athena Institute
William Fung-Schwarz
William Fung-Schwarz Himself - The Moon Society
Linda Hyder
Linda Hyder Herself - Voyager Navigation Engineer
Peter Kokh
Peter Kokh Himself - President, The Moon Society
Dr Gary Lofgren
Dr Gary Lofgren Himself - NASA Planetary Scientist
John Noble Wilford
John Noble Wilford Himself - Apollo Correspondent: The New York Times
Dr Greg Olsen
Dr Greg Olsen Himself - Space Tourist
Don Pettit
Don Pettit Himself - NASA Astronaut
Dr David Rothery
Dr David Rothery Himself - The Open University
Stacey Tearne
Stacey Tearne Herself - Space Adventures
Jerry Wiant
Jerry Wiant Himself - Texas Laser Ranging Station
Dr Leslie Wickman
Dr Leslie Wickman Herself - The Moon Society

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