Year-End Reflections: Documentaries That Reshaped Our View of the World in 2023

29 de desembre de 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, it's time to reflect on the documentaries that have profoundly impacted our perspectives and understanding of the world. This year's standout films traversed a range of vital topics — from the urgent call of environmental activism to the exploration of social justice, technological advancements, and the resilient human spirit. These documentaries not only informed and educated but also stirred hearts and inspired change, marking 2023 as a year of significant cinematic influence.

These documentaries, selected for their powerful storytelling and insightful exploration of contemporary issues, have played a crucial role in shaping public discourse and awareness in 2023. They serve as mirrors reflecting the complexities of our times and windows opening to diverse realities, urging us to think, feel, and, most importantly, act.

The documentaries of 2023 have been more than just films; they have been catalysts for conversation and change. They challenge viewers to confront uncomfortable truths, celebrate human achievements, and consider the future we are collectively shaping. In doing so, they remind us of the power of documentary filmmaking as a tool for enlightenment and transformation.


Top 10 Documentaries of 2023:



The Water Dancers


Embark on a journey into the delicate realm of dragonflies, creatures that have graced our planet for 300 million years. In South Africa, as humanity grapples with the consequences of its actions, scientists turn to these ancient insects for inspiration and guidance. "Water Dancers," named after the Zulu Jigamanzi, meaning 'dancing on water,' explores the profound relationship between these fragile creatures and the environment they inhabit. The documentary uncovers the role of dragonflies as environmental sentinels, helping design Ecological Networks – connected corridors aimed at pioneering a new path for global conservation and sustainable living.


The Last Stand

huge trees
An urgent and compelling documentary focusing on the decisive actions taken in 2023 to combat climate change, featuring frontline activists, groundbreaking innovations, and a powerful call to global action.


Lettre a Mohamed

woman with burqa makes use of her right to vote

This gripping documentary captures the complex tapestry of Tunisia in the aftermath of its revolution. Through a series of poignant vignettes and encounters, the film navigates the tumultuous transition from dictatorship to democracy, painting a vivid picture of a nation grappling with change. It oscillates between the chaos of political upheaval and the emergence of new hopes and dreams, all while maintaining a sense of humor amidst the disillusionment. This poetic documentary serves as a reflective letter, weaving together the diverse voices and experiences that define post-revolution Tunisia.


Iran: Voices of the Unheard 

a woman and two donkeys cross a road

This compelling documentary that offers a rare glimpse into the lives of Iran's secular youth and activists, who stand in quiet defiance of the strict religious norms imposed by their government. Set against the backdrop of a nation grappling with profound cultural and political shifts, the film uncovers the stories of those who seek a different path from Islamic rule, often at great personal risk. Through intimate interviews and candid footage, the documentary captures the aspirations, struggles, and resilience of a younger generation yearning for freedom and change. Their voices, often silenced or overlooked, form a powerful narrative of resistance and hope in a country torn between tradition and modernity.


Elephant Refugees

elephants at night

This gripping documentary unveils an environmental crisis of epic proportions unfolding in the arid Kalahari woodlands of eastern Botswana. At its heart is a resilient family, whose life is irrevocably altered when climate change exacerbates droughts, driving hundreds of elephants to their Elephant Sands Bush Camp for water. Over the past 50 years, international crime syndicates have ruthlessly poached wildlife across Africa, prompting elephants to seek refuge along ancient pathways. Botswana's declaration as a poacher-free zone in 2014 sparked a mass elephant migration, a phenomenon communicated mysteriously across vast distances. Today, Botswana is home to 60% of Africa's elephants. However, the lifting of a five-year ban on elephant hunting in 2019, coupled with the worst drought in living memory, threatens to upend this sanctuary.


AI: The Next Leap

AI Robot

A fascinating look into the advancements in artificial intelligence in 2023, examining both the potential benefits and ethical dilemmas posed by these rapidly evolving technologies.


Corona saved my family

a humble woman carries her two children holding hands

Uwamahoro Delphine has lived as a sex worker for 15 years, a profession that has been her lifeline but also a constant source of hardship. With the onset of the Corona lockdown, her world comes to a sudden halt. Enclosed in the silence and isolation, Delphine makes a momentous decision - to leave sex work behind for good. As she navigates her new reality, her focus shifts to her twin children who used to live their lives behind locked doors, crying for help through door holes to oblivious passersby. This powerful documentary captures Delphine's journey from the grit of street life to the warmth of motherhood, shedding light on the stark realities faced by sex workers and the transformative power of a mother's love.


Hope: Stories of Survival 

digital red letters design

This poignant documentary delves into the extraordinary tales of individuals who have faced and overcome extreme adversities. The film showcases a series of inspiring stories, ranging from natural disasters to personal battles, each underscoring the indomitable human spirit and the power of hope. Through personal interviews, poignant storytelling, and compelling visuals, the documentary highlights the resilience, determination, and courage of people who have confronted life-threatening situations. It serves as a testament to the ability of hope to not only sustain individuals through their darkest hours but also to propel them toward recovery and triumph. This film is an uplifting journey through the depths of human endurance, showing how, even in the bleakest of circumstances, the light of hope can lead to survival and renewal.



a model of insects

Meet Wiggly, an earnest earthworm who dreams of life as a caterpillar. Surrounded by a colorful world of butterflies and cocoon transformations, Wiggly believes his humble earthworm existence is a dull comparison. Desperate to fit in among the coveted caterpillars, he embarks on a whimsical journey to change himself. Despite his best efforts, Wiggly’s attempts only lead to disappointment and a feeling of deeper isolation. It's not until he encounters various other creatures, each with their unique attributes and roles in the grand tapestry of life, that he begins to understand the crucial role he plays in the ecosystem. Through adventure and realization, Wiggly discovers that being a worm is not only essential but carries its unique charm and importance. Amidst the laughter and lessons, "Wiggly the Worm" is a heartwarming tale for all ages, reinforcing the significance of self-acceptance, the value of diversity, and the beauty within every creature in the vast world of nature.


The Wonderful Stories from The Space Station

an astronaut looks into space

Captivating and insightful, "The Wonderful Stories from The Space Station" is a documentary that transports viewers into the heart of the International Space Station (ISS). It weaves together personal narratives and experiences of astronauts, offering a unique perspective on the realities of life in orbit. From stunning views of Earth to the complexities of zero-gravity living, the film vividly captures the day-to-day wonders and challenges faced by space explorers. It also highlights the international cooperation and technological ingenuity that underpin the ISS, underscoring its significance in the broader context of space exploration. This documentary is a celebration not only of the scientific achievements of the ISS but also of the human spirit and camaraderie that flourish in this extraordinary environment.


The documentaries of 2023 have served as vital narrators of our time, offering insights and revelations that have both challenged and inspired us. They remind us of the words of James Baldwin: "Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." As we look forward to the new year, these films encourage us to carry forward the lessons learned and the inspirations found, paving the way for positive change and a deeper understanding of our world and ourselves.


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