Corona saved my family

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  • 2021
  • 3min
Corona saved my family
  • Original Title: Corona saved my family

Amidst the solitude of the Corona lockdown, a long-term sex worker seizes the chance to change her life's course and focus on raising her twin children.

Corona saved my family

Corona saved my family -  Resilient, Transformation, Maternal, Hopeful

Uwamahoro Delphine has lived as a sex worker for 15 years, a profession that has been her lifeline but also a constant source of hardship. With the onset of the Corona lockdown, her world comes to a sudden halt. Enclosed in the silence and isolation, Delphine makes a momentous decision - to leave sex work behind for good. As she navigates her new reality, her focus shifts to her twin children who used to live their lives behind locked doors, crying for help through door holes to oblivious passersby. This powerful documentary captures Delphine's journey from the grit of street life to the warmth of motherhood, shedding light on the stark realities faced by sex workers and the transformative power of a mother's love.

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