The Water Dancers

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  • 2018
  • 25min
The Water Dancers
  • Original Title: The Water Dancers

Step into the world of the dragonflies, Earth’s ancient sentinels. South African scientists explore how these tiny beings guide us in crafting a sustainable future.

The Water Dancers

AWARDS: Best Student Film. South African Film and Television Awards/ Best Student Film. EcoBrasilFest

The Water Dancers - Dragonflies, Conservation, Harmony, Future

Embark on a journey into the delicate realm of dragonflies, creatures that have graced our planet for 300 million years. In South Africa, as humanity grapples with the consequences of its actions, scientists turn to these ancient insects for inspiration and guidance. "Water Dancers," named after the Zulu Jigamanzi, meaning 'dancing on water,' explores the profound relationship between these fragile creatures and the environment they inhabit. The documentary uncovers the role of dragonflies as environmental sentinels, helping design Ecological Networks – connected corridors aimed at pioneering a new path for global conservation and sustainable living.

Robyn Palmer
Robyn Palmer Director

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