Top Documentaries on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

9 de octubre de 2023


October 2023 has once again witnessed the flaring up of tensions in the historically fraught Israel-Palestine region. Recent attacks from Hamas, aimed at Israeli civilians, have reignited age-old animosities and brought the conflict back into the global spotlight. As the world watches with bated breath, leaders and citizens alike are grappling with the complexities of this long-standing dispute and its cyclical nature

The Israel-Palestine conflict, deeply rooted in historical, political, and religious complexities, spans over a century and remains one of the world's most enduring and contentious disputes. At its core lies competing nationalisms and territorial claims, especially over the land known to Jews as Israel and to Palestinians as Palestine. The strife escalated in the 20th century with the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, leading to multiple wars, uprisings (Intifadas), and ongoing skirmishes. Attempts at peace, including the Oslo Accords and various two-state solution proposals, have often been overshadowed by recurring cycles of violence and mistrust. The issues of Jerusalem's status, borders, settlements, Palestinian refugees, and mutual recognition continue to challenge peace efforts, causing immense human suffering and evoking strong emotions and polarized views worldwide.



streets crowded with people with the Palestinian flag and the Israeli flag


The conflict's extensive history is punctuated with countless events and stories that demand understanding. As viewers, it becomes imperative to engage with a variety of sources to gain a holistic understanding. The power of the docudrama or documentary in portraying a conflict as multifaceted as the Israel-Palestine issue cannot be overstated. In a world where narratives are often polarized, it becomes crucial to watch online a spectrum of documentaries and draw one's conclusions. The aforementioned documentaries, with their unique perspectives, stand as a testament to the power of cinema to inform, inspire, and incite reflection.


The best documentaries about the conflict between Israel and Palestine:



5 Broken Cameras

a boy with his eyes closed lying on the grass

This incredible documentary provides a firsthand account of nonviolent resistance in Bil'in, a West Bank village threatened by encroaching Israeli settlements. Using only five cameras, Emad Burnat captures his village's resistance and paints a poignant picture of the conflict's impact on families and communities.


A Running Occupation

young people and a destroyed city

Amidst the iconic graffiti of the Israeli West Bank barrier, young Palestinians sprint, showcasing resilience and defiance in a land where personal freedom is tethered. The inability to find a single 42km stretch without a blockade becomes a metaphor for their fragmented lives, and the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem, looping around sacred sites like the Church of the Nativity, becomes a beacon of their fight for unhampered movement. This documentary focuses on three runners, each narrating their poignant stories with every stride. "A Running Occupation" offers a raw perspective on the Israel-Palestine conflict, underscoring that the essence of freedom lies in the simple, unrestricted right to move.


The Gatekeepers

people lament kneeling in the streets

Through interviews with six former heads of Shin Bet, Israel's internal security agency, this film delves into the challenges, ethics, and dilemmas faced by those tasked with ensuring Israel's security amidst a backdrop of ongoing conflict.


Life in Stills

a man with glasses hugs an older woman

Nestled in the heart of Tel Aviv, 96-year-old Miriam and her grandson Ben fiercely guard a cherished photoshop, an emblem of the family legacy established with Miriam's late husband Rudi, whose lens chronicled pivotal moments in the city's history. But as modernization looms with plans for a new commercial building, their store — a repository of invaluable photographic archives — faces extinction. As the duo embarks on a spirited fight to save not just a business but a home filled with memories, viewers witness a touching interplay of generational perspectives. Ben is future-driven while Miriam grapples with fading memories and the challenges of age. Yet, their collective resilience brings about heartwarming victories. "Life In Stills" is a poignant reflection on the interplay of past and future, memory's fragility, and the enduring power of images and familial bonds.


Occupation 101

a boy with big eyes

Focusing on the root causes of the conflict, this documentary provides a historical overview and examines the impact of Israeli military occupation on Palestinian civilians, showcasing personal stories intertwined with expert analyses.



an older couple holding hands

In the quiet recesses of Roshmia Valley, Yousef and his wife Amna, both in their eighties, find solace in their simple shack, a home since 1956. Far removed from the clamor of modernity, their life is steeped in tranquility, with Amna tracing her roots back to the Gypsies of Palestine. But tranquility turns to turmoil when a new road project sanctioned by the Israeli authorities threatens to take away their land and demolish their cherished abode. While a well-meaning friend negotiates compensation from the municipality, Yousef remains steadfast in his attachment to his home, unwilling to let go. As discussions drag on, the strain intensifies, putting their friendship and the couple's peaceful existence to the test.



a group of people on a hill

This is an inspiring documentary that charts the journey of Ayed Morrar, an unlikely community organizer, who unites Palestinian political factions and invites Israeli supporters to join an unarmed movement to save his village of Budrus from destruction.


Speed Sisters

5 women dressed as car drivers

In the heart of the Middle East emerges a team of trailblazers - the Speed Sisters, Palestine's first all-female race car driving squad. Defying societal expectations and facing the challenges of a male-dominated sport, these audacious women aren't just breaking barriers; they're burning rubber on tracks across the region. Their courage and determination not only make them a force to be reckoned with on the racing circuit but also an inspiring symbol of empowerment and resilience in a land often associated with conflict.


The War Around Us 

a war correspondent with a helmet

Focusing on Gaza's 2014 war, the film chronicles the 51-day war from the perspective of two journalists trapped inside the besieged strip.



a man with thin hair in front of a computer

In this captivating documentary, director Ido Weisman provides an intimate lens into the life and battles of Uzzi. As they journey through moments marked by Uzzi's advocacy for secular burial and the evolving identity of their community, Weisman becomes captivated by Uzzi's unwavering spirit. It's Uzzi's undying passion and staunch belief in his cause that stands out. Despite facing strong opposition, his fervor never diminishes. Weisman's portrayal paints a picture of resilience, showcasing a man who, against all odds, refuses to be swayed from his path.


To comprehend the Israel-Palestine conflict through the lens of documentaries is to embrace the myriad facets of a story that has shaped, and continues to shape, the course of history in the Middle East. As the famed saying goes, "The first step to understanding a problem is to see it firsthand," and these documentaries facilitate just that.


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