Paranormal Proclivities: A Dive into the Unknown, Top Ten Documentaries

30 de juny de 2023

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." - William Shakespeare,
playwright, poet, and actor.


Documentaries and docuseries are a window to the world, illuminating the obscure and the ordinary. As an aficionado of the genre, you've perhaps stumbled upon some intriguing pieces that broach the subject of the paranormal. From spectral encounters to extraterrestrial sightings, these films spark a frisson of fear, awe, and bewilderment.

Whether you're a skeptic or believer, the burgeoning trend of paranormal docs continues to rattle the globe. They've nestled comfortably into the spectrum of Guidedoc,  Netflix shows, YouTube videos, and other platforms where you can watch online. Then comes the inevitable question: Are these ghostly episodes real or clever fabrications? The answer isn't straightforward and often hinges on personal belief systems and anecdotal evidence.


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Top Ten Documentaries and Docuseries: A Whimsical Wisp or Weighty Reality? You Decide!



Picture of Light

 aurora and a deer landscape

In this lyrical exploration, the quest to capture the aurora borealis becomes an examination of the confluence between magic, superstition, and the technological wonders of our era. Acclaimed filmmaker Peter Mettler guides us through the behind-the-scenes of an expedition to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, as filmmakers seek to record the mesmerizing northern lights. This contemplative journey weaves in anecdotes from Mettler's life, touching on profound human questions. Ultimately, it delves into the cinematic portrayal of reality and the role of media in shaping our understanding of the world.


Paranormal Witness

a girl inside a closet is being illuminated with a flashlight

This chilling docuseries on Netflix breathes life into real-life stories of individuals who've faced encounters with the unknown. The reenactments are meticulously constructed, featuring believable performances that add a layer of credibility to these unusual events. As a result, the series acts as a reliable guide, walking viewers through the varied and often surreal landscapes of paranormal experiences.


The Battle With Satan

a man with horns

This documentary shows as modernity takes hold in 21st century Europe, an ancient ritual of exorcism persists, surprisingly thriving in Poland where thousands of believers undergo the practice annually. Despite the stark contrast with the contemporary world, the deeply ingrained religious beliefs of Polish society have fostered a burgeoning 'deliverance ministry'. 'The Battle With Satan: Exorcism in the 21st Century' merges personal narratives with expert commentary, examining the resurgence of this seemingly medieval ritual and exploring its societal implications.


The Unexplained

a man a white-haired man in a suit

Available to watch online, this documentary examines the world's most intriguing mysteries. Rather than merely presenting these mysteries as oddities, the documentary weighs them against plausible scientific explanations, offering a balanced perspective. It covers a wide range of topics, from UFO encounters to eerie ghost sightings, each episode a treasure trove of intrigue and fascination.


End Of The World

a young man with a thin beard with a headset

This Documentary dives into the esoteric realm of doomsday prophecies, 'End of the World' centers on the end times foretold by the ancient Mayan calendar. The film presents a poignant mosaic of personal reflections, with the audience sharing intimate stories that range from tragic to humorous. The overwhelming need to express, connect, and share their experiences underlines the human desire for understanding and companionship in the face of existential uncertainty.



a big eyed monster

A YouTube original, this show ventures into the peculiar town of Hellier, where reports of alien encounters and inexplicable phenomena are the norm. The series doesn't rush to provide answers, instead, it immerses viewers in the rich, mysterious atmosphere of the town, letting them draw their own conclusions.


Barbaric Genius

an old man sitting on a chair

This documentary shows the unpredictable life of John Healy – award-winning author, internationally distinguished chess player and erstwhile alcoholic vagrant – is the subject of this stimulating new documentary by Paul Duane. Charting Healy’s violent upbringing in London’s Kentish Town slums as a child to Irish emigrant parents, and returning to the haunts where the writer slept, drank and fought in the ’60s and ’70s, the film provides an overview of the crucial lowlights of The Grass Arena, Healy’s breakthrough autobiography published by Faber in 1988 and universally acknowledged as a masterpiece.


My Amityville Horror

a man with his back turned in front of a white house

This documentary serves as a first-person account of Daniel Lutz, who as a child lived through the terrifying events at one of the most infamous haunted houses. Lutz's candid narration takes viewers beyond the headlines and into the living horror of the Amityville experience, making it a riveting watch.


Ghost Train

an old witch house with a huge skull on the roof

In this heartwarming documentary, we follow the story of 84-year-old Geoffrey, whose life takes a surprising turn after his wife moves into a nursing home. Seeking solace, Geoffrey finds himself aboard a ghost train leading him to 'Dracula's', a peculiar vampire-themed cabaret-theatre. There, he forms an unlikely yet touching relationship with Gillian, the captivating lead vampire actress in the show. The film tenderly explores the unexpected manifestations of love and companionship at any stage of life, reminding us that it's never too late for a bit of adventure.


Ghost Adventures 

four men in front of the camera

Streaming on various platforms, this docuseries follows a team of paranormal investigators who visit locations notorious for their haunted histories. The show's unique blend of historical research, personal anecdotes, and on-site investigations result in a spine-chilling spectacle.


In the vast expanse of the universe, the paranormal might just be the least understood. Whether these phenomena are mere illusions or glimpses into otherworldly dimensions, one thing is certain: they make for compelling viewing. So, grab your popcorn, find a cozy corner, and plunge into these spine-chilling docs—if you dare.


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