The Battle With Satan

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  • 2015
  • 74min
The Battle With Satan
  • Original Title: The Battle With Satan

Incredible as it may seem, exorcisms take place every day in present-day Poland. But what is really behind the return of this ancient religious rite in a country increasingly conditioned by Catholicism?

The Battle With Satan

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Madness Film Festival/ Polish Film Festival In America

The Battle With Satan. Exorcism in the 21st century

Europe, XXI century. Every year in Poland thousands of believers undergo exorcism, the ritual that looks as if we still lived in middle ages. 

Polish social life is strongly permeated by religious beliefs and 'deliverance ministry' is gaining more ground. 

The film will be a mixture of several human stories on the wider socio-religious canvas with experts' narration explaining why the forgotten ritual has come back. 

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