The Best Road Movie Documentaries Worth Watching

19 de gener de 2024

The road movie, a genre synonymous with exploration and discovery, finds a unique expression in the world of documentaries. These films take viewers on literal and metaphorical journeys, traversing diverse landscapes while exploring human stories, cultures, and the profound experiences encountered along the way. From the deserts of Africa to the highways of America, road movie documentaries offer a blend of adventure, personal discovery, and the unfiltered beauty of the world.

Road movie documentaries stand out for their dynamic storytelling, often capturing the spontaneity and unpredictability of travel. These films are characterized by their on-the-go filming style, scenic backdrops, and the diverse array of characters encountered on the road. They offer an intimate glimpse into the lives of people and places, revealing stories that are as diverse as the landscapes they traverse.

These documentaries do more than document journeys; they invite viewers to reflect on their life paths and the broader human experience. They challenge us to think about our place in the world and our connections to others. Through the lens of travel and exploration, road movie documentaries often touch on themes of freedom, self-discovery, and the search for meaning.


Top 10 Road Movie Documentaries:



Long Way Round

2 motorcyclists on the side of the road

Actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman embark on a motorcycle journey from London to New York, traversing Europe, Asia, and North America. The series captures the challenges and joys of their adventure.


The Laps Of Tasmania

two surfers with boards on their backs pushing bicycles

Dustin Hollick and Rhian Slapp, two ordinary fathers with the survival skills of well-trained house pets go on a two-week lap around Tasmania with not much more than the clothes on their backs. The rules are simple: no cash, no car, no technology, and just 10 personal items each.


180° South 

a ship diagrammed on a blue gobo

This inspiring documentary follows the adventurer of Jeff Johnson as he retraces the 1968 journey of his heroes Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins to Patagonia. The film is a captivating blend of adventure and environmentalism, capturing Johnson's journey from California to Patagonia, primarily by sea.



a line of cowboys on horses cross a hill

This gripping documentary is about four friends who embark on an ambitious mission: to journey 3,000 miles across the American West with sixteen wild mustangs. The film chronicles their adventure from Mexico to Canada, through majestic landscapes and challenging terrains. It's a story of friendship, perseverance, and the powerful bond between humans and horses, highlighting the plight of America's wild mustangs and the need for conservation.


Hit The Road India

a man pushes a red car down the road

This thrilling documentary follows two friends, Ric Gazarian and Keith King, as they participate in the Rickshaw Challenge, a frenetic and unpredictable 2,000-kilometer race across India in a motorized rickshaw. The film captures the vibrancy, chaos, and beauty of India, presenting a vivid portrayal of its diverse cultures, landscapes, and the spirit of adventure that the race encapsulates. It's an exploration of friendship, endurance, and the rich tapestry of Indian life.


The Endless Summer

surfers wait to enter the water

A seminal film in the surf documentary genre, "The Endless Summer" follows surfers Mike Hynson and Robert August on their quest to chase the perfect wave around the world. Directed by Bruce Brown, the film is a timeless ode to the sport of surfing, capturing the essence of adventure and the pursuit of an endless summer. From the coasts of Africa to the shores of Australia and beyond, it's a visually stunning journey that epitomizes the surfing culture and the dream of an endless summer.


The Tour

boys exploring the snow

This immersive and visually intriguing documentary offers a unique guided tour of Longyearbyen, Svalbard, captured from the perspective of a taxi's windshield, creating a cinematic experience akin to viewing through a film screen. This innovative approach blends a continuous, steady shot of the town's landscapes and daily life with intercut scenes, all filmed from enclosed spaces such as inside buildings or vehicles, and often through glass. This distinctive visual style not only presents an intimate portrayal of Longyearbyen but also plays with the concept of observation and perspective. The film, originally part of a Master's Thesis in Visual Anthropology, is based on extensive fieldwork conducted in Longyearbyen in 2011. It stands as a unique exploration of anthropological inquiry, blending academic research with the art of documentary filmmaking to offer insightful reflections on this remote community.


Midsummer Night’s Tango

a man plays the guitar leaning on a small car

This delightful and humorous road movie explores the cultural journey of tango from the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires to the serene landscapes of Finland. The film follows three Argentinean tango musicians as they embark on an eye-opening adventure, leaving behind the milongas (tango dance events) of Argentina to discover how tango resonates in the Finnish soul. Through this journey, the documentary playfully navigates the cultural exchange and rivalry between the two countries, each claiming a deep connection to tango. The Argentineans, known for their passionate embrace of tango, encounter the Finnish perspective, where tango is as ingrained in the culture as sauna and skiing. Directed with a light touch and a sense of whimsy, the film showcases the universal language of music and dance, bringing together two distinct musical traditions in a celebration of tango's global appeal and the unexpected connections it fosters.


Alone With Anna

a woman looks out the car window

In the introspective documentary, we follow the journey of Axel Victor, a young man at a crossroads in life. Recently graduated from film school, he grapples with the pain of a breakup and the loss of his beloved grandmother. Tasked with a poignant mission, Axel is to transport his grandmother's ashes from France to her native land in Sweden, a piece of property she owned in her homeland. Embarking on this solitary journey to Goteborg, Axel carries more than just the physical remains of his grandmother; he bears the weight of grief and a search for meaning. The documentary is punctuated by Axel's reflective thoughts, conveyed in short, poignant phrases that offer viewers a first-person perspective. The scenic beauty of Goteborg, captured in the film, transforms from mere tourist imagery to powerful symbols. 


31st Haul

a man follows a war tank

Directed by Denis Klebleev, is an insightful documentary that delves deep into the raw and rugged world of rural Russia. The film centers on Yura and Vitalik, two determined drivers navigating through challenging terrain—swamps, bugs, and treacherous mountain ranges—in an old, makeshift tank to deliver essential supplies to remote villagers. At the heart of their operation is Yura's wife, Sveta, a commanding figure who not only manages their delivery business but also dominates their home life with her brash and unfiltered demeanor.


Road movie documentaries take us on journeys that are as much about the landscapes we traverse as the internal journeys we embark upon. They remind us, in the words of Jack Kerouac, “All the golden land’s ahead of you and all kinds of unforeseen events wait to lurk to surprise you and make you glad you’re alive to see.” Let these films inspire you to explore, both the world around you and the landscapes within.


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