Three striking documentaries on pedophilia

July 9, 2019

Pedophilia is still the last taboo of modern society. Understood as the attraction from an adult towards minors, those who have this condition usually suffer from the strongest contempt of public opinion.

Here at Guidedoc we think it is a good time to shed light on this controversial topic through the following three documentaries on pedophilia.

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Daniel's World by Veronica Liskova



Daniel, a young Czech writer, has decided that instead of hiding his pedophilia it is better to face it. He has a circle of pedophile friends who meet to talk openly about their lives and he has even created a website to raise awareness about their condition.

This documentary follows Daniel, who has never hurt a child, in his attempt to maintain his abstinence and sensitize others about pedophilia, not as a horrific act, but as a misunderstood and stigmatized condition.

With this end, Daniel tries to join self-help groups to which he is not accepted, attends sessions with his psychologist and attends a march of the LGBTI community.

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I, Pedophile by Mathew Campea


In a more scientific than introspective approach to pedophilia, this documentary resorts to the expertise of Dr. James Cantor and other experts in the field, who share the latest medical discoveries on pedophilia, a condition found only in men and that is almost incurable.

The film shows interviews with pedophiles that have sought treatment in spaces such as the Prevention Project Dunkefield in Germany. Hearing their testimonies is feeling the great pain with which many of them have had to fight to contain their temptation.

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An Open Secret by Amy J. Berg



This film circumscribes the theme of pedophilia to the underworld of Hollywood. The documentary reveals the sexual exploitation of several teenagers and young men by people linked to the entertainment industry.

An Open Secret tells the cases of five child actors who were abused by multiple men. The film focuses on Marc Collins-Rector, a co-owner of Digital Entertainment Network, who was later convicted of child sexual abuse. The company produced brief online videos during the early days of the Internet, and was noted for wild parties featuring underage boys at Collins-Rector's house.

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