Ten erotic documentaries you'll never forget

March 15, 2022

To what extent do we live for sex, as Freud once said? The following documentaries presented by Guidedoc address these dilemmas and other tabus through erotic stories that are definitely exciting.

What is the difference between an erotic documentary and porn?

For the sake of the viewer's discretion, we need to differentiate between pornography and erotic documentaries, although sometimes both contents can be mixed in some of the following documentaries in the list.

If we were to reach a consensus, here on Guidedoc we would say that the erotic documentary explores, without prejudice or taboos, everything that surrounds the sexual act, without dwelling on the exploitation of sex as the ultimate goal. 

It is rather to find the human face behind one of our most primitive needs that has been historically condemned by religions and conservative doctrines.


A young porn start poses for a video in the documentary Hot Girls Wanted

How to watch an erotic documentary?

In this field, there are no rules. But what we do recommend is that you don't necessarily watch a sex documentary alone.

So, why not watch it with your partner? The documentaries on this list are made by film and entertainment professionals who only intend to show us sex-related topics with an authentic and respectful point of view.

We do recommend that the audience for these films be adults. It is not necessarily about masturbation or foreplay, the idea of this list is to promote discussion and greater knowledge, but, above all enjoyment (yeah!) of sex. 


A young porn stars acts in the documentary Hot Girls Wanted

What are the best erotic documentaries to watch online?

You don't need to visit your usual porn site or go to Netflix or Youtube to watch an erotic movie that will make you discover sex in a more liberating and exciting way.

Here on Guidedoc we have rounded up the top erotic documentaries to watch online:


The Special Need


Enea, an Italian autistic young man and his friends in a wagon in the documentary The Special Need


Enea, an Italian autistic young man, is about to turn thirty and is still a virgin. In the company of his two best friends, he does not hide his deep desire to have sex with a woman, which is made quite clear when we see him always courting the girls he finds wherever he goes.

In this road movie, A trip to a brothel in Budapest seems to be the best option for our protagonist to finally fulfill his desire for a climax. But things do not seem to be so simple or fast enough for the trio of adventurers.

In his quest to satisfy what seems to be a special need in any man, we encounter a fun and enriching journey into the nature of love.


The Ceremony


A woman and two men carry out an erotic ceremony in the documentary The Ceremony


In one of her books, the renowned French writer Catherine Robe Grillet, especially controversial for the erotic and liberal content of her texts, unveils her predilection for the organization of elegant sadomasochistic ceremonies.

In this film, the young Swedish director Lina Mannhaimer makes an artistic approach to this erotic world through key interviews and sober observations of these ceremonies, which are captured in their most delicate elegance, highlighting the sounds that emanate from the simpler movements, such as the steps Of heels, the friction of leather gloves or the breathing of a young victim.


Whore’s Glory


A group of prostitutes in Thayland sit in the documentary Whore’s Glory


Given the general notion of prostitution as a cold act, purely economic and devoid of sensitivity, this erotic documentary discovers not only a contradictory opinion but also a sensitive and close view of the women who today maintain an ancient tradition.

Renowned director Michael Glawooger travels to Mexico, Bangladesh and Thailand to portray prostitution from three different angles.

In this women documentary, a Mexican brothel where the “Holy Death” represents for women a guarantee to escape their reality, a ghetto in Bangladesh visited by men in search of underage girls who satisfy their fantasies and a picturesque Thai local where women are exposed to their customers behind the protection of glass panels are just some postcards of the three worlds we will visit.


Nova Dubai


Filmmaker Gustavo Vinagre acts along with two construction workers in Nova Dubai


In what is undoubtedly the most daring film on the list, young Brazilian director Gustavo Vinagre manages to mix the scene of the growing urban developments in Sao Paulo with that of a free and crude sexuality among the men of the city.

To achieve this, Vinagre becomes one of the protagonists of the film, in which he appears with his partner, gets intimate confidences during interviews with a series of construction workers and shows without any sweeteners of any kind a diverse panorama of sexual acts.

It's an intriguing as well as experimental cinematic bet. A film about architecture had never been so queer and erotic.


Daniel’s World


Daniel sits behind a picture of a boy in the documentary Daniel's World


Daniel is a young Czech writer who recognizes himself as a pedophile and is willing to do whatever it takes in his demand for acceptance in a society that is prepared to reject him.

Being a man of gentle personality and austere prose, Daniel maintains conscious abstinence from his sexual desires because he understands that his needs go against the morals laws of the present time.

A strange meeting of anonymous pedophiles, an interview Daniel has in order to be part of a group sexual minorities support group, and the challenge of raising flags for the recognition of pedophilia in a march of LGBTI groups are some of the situations in a film in which physical satisfaction and rational ethics walk together on a tight rope.

League Of Exotique Dancers

A burlesque star poses in the documentary League Of Exotique Dancers

Burlesque has always been the "legal" face of the sex business in any cosmopolitan city.

Several decades of this cabaret art confirm a tradition of an audience and a lineage of dancers passionate about this show full of eroticism, disguised nudity and suggestive sex.

This sensual documentary shows what is happening to the burlesque divas who have left behind their best years on stage. The film interviews several of the stars of the American burlesque world and reminisces about the golden years of this type of show.

The Pink House

A woman in the brothel The Pink House in Australia

In one of Australia's iconic mining communities, there has long existed a brothel where lonely mine workers drained their heartfelt yearnings.

But The Pink House is no longer the place it once was. Gone are the years of young, assertive sex female workers and permanently occupied rooms. 

Now, as easy access to the internet has diminished the brothel's clientele, two women are trying to keep the business afloat in the face of adversity. This documentary tells their story in an intimate and deeply cinematic way.

The Women And The Passenger

A maid in a sex chair in the motel El Pasajero in Chile

Stying on the line of southern brothels, we now move to Santiago, Chile, where the brothel “The Passenger” still serves in the heart of that country’s capital. 

This documentary premiered at the prestigious International Documentary Festival Amsterdam shows the album of female faces that make up this sexual microcosm

Between long beds, distant moans, sex chairs and dirty sheets, the women who provide room service take advantage of the moments of silence to tell us everything they know about love and romance.

Australia After Dark

A naked woman plays guitar in Australia After Dark a guidedoc documentary

Here's a nightlife you haven't even dreamed about. Directed by John D. Lamond, this legendary cult documentary is a hilarious journey through the forbidden life of Australia in the inhibited seventies. And no, it's not only about Sydney.

The film traverses the vast oceanic subcontinent to the west coast, where, for example, the gay bars of Perth are a must see. 

Hot Girls Wanted


A woman porn start and a black man pose in the documentary Hot Girls Wanted

Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, this documentary is one of the most controversial on the list.

The film directed by the trio of Ronna Gradus, Jill Bauer and Rashida Jones dives deep into the world of amateur pornography, specifically in Miami, the epicenter of the U.S. porn industry

Hot Girls Wanted follows several young American girls who, having just turned 18, venture to the state of Florida to become the new porn stars of the future.

The film is an X-ray of this underground industry that handles millions of dollars (An average porn site has up to 40 million hits a week!) 

While becoming familiar with terms like BBC, Hardcore sex, Blow Job, these young women drain their fears, family dilemmas, and their most heartfelt dreams of fame and glory in this new path they have chosen.

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