Australia After Dark

  • 7.4 10
  • 1975
  • 82min
Australia After Dark
  • Original Title: Australia After Dark

This cult classic takes us on a journey through the most eccentric and fascinating places of 1970s Australia. A film full of fetishism, libido and the liveliest liberal spirit.

Australia After Dark

Australia After Dark, A guided tour through the eccentric side of the island

From the Perth known for its gay pride to the cosmopolitan Sidney and its strip clubs, director Joh Lamond dives into the cracks of the Australian flat soil to show us its less presentable nooks and crannies. Complemented by the ironic voice of a narrator who acts as a guide, in this cult classic we make a journey towards the most primitive impulses of man and woman.

Conceived as a kind of liberal manifesto, the film is a collage of images of the grotesque, the sexy and everything that is controversial for the social contract. A furtive gay marriage in a Catholic church simulated by actors, a nude woman muddling for pleasure, a nudist painting studio or a restaurant famous for cooking live snakes in the pan are just some of these fascinating postcards.

John D. Lamond
John D. Lamond Director

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