The Best Documentaries About Blindness

June 18, 2019

To approach the theme of blindness is, by definition, a major challenge when it comes to portraying it in a movie. Cinema is, after all, the art where the sight is the prominent and necessary sense for a complete experience.

Guidedoc presents the following three documentaries on blindness for standing out in creative ways to give an image to the state of darkness.

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Lust For Sight by Manuel von Sturler


In the first minutes of this documentary, the filmmaker Manuel von Sturler, the protagonist of the film, receives the news that his sense of sight is weakening irremediably.

With the knowledge that blindness awaits him around the corner, he decides to leave his everyday spaces to venture on a revealing journey to other lands, in search of different notions about vision and the experience of perceiving reality through our sight.

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Black Sun by Fary Tarn and Hugues Montalembert



In 1978, the renowned painter and filmmaker Hugues Montalembert was attacked by surprise while walking the streets of New York, an event that left him abruptly blind. Black Sun is a film conceived to give shape to a perceptive state devoid of concrete figures.

Montalembert himself serves as a narrator in the first person to guide us in this trance of diffuse figures and beautiful flashes, psychedelic images that would only be possible to appreciate in his blindness.

Montalembert tells us everything he felt after losing his sight and what he did to be able to fend for himself in the vortex of New York. During the film we accompany him on his journey to Bali, where he arrives by plane without the assistance of another person to write a book about his life.

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Notes on Blindness by Peter Middleton and James Spinney



When the British neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks heard some audio tapes published in 1990, he discovered the brightest essay on blindness.

The tapes belong to John Hull, a writer and theologian who lost his blindness unexpectedly in 1983 and decided to leave a sound testimony of his experience.

Notes On Blindness retrieves Hull's recordings to continue developing the theme of blindness through memories, dreams and the human worldview.

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