Lust for Sight

  • 6.7 10
  • 2017
  • 84min
Lust for Sight
  • Original Title: La fureur de voir (2017)

The author of this captivating documentary, a man at risk of losing the ability to see, makes a first-person essay on the sense of vision, the reality we perceive and human diversity.

Lust for Sight

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Festival du Film de Locarno/ Visions du Réel/ Sydney FilmFestival/ Margaret Mead Film Festival New York

Lust For Sight, A journey to the depths of what we see

In a scene of this documentary, Manuel von Sturler, the filmmaker and protagonist of the film, opens the book "The Island of the Colorblind" by Oliver Sacks, a story about the inhabitants of an island who suffer from not seeing colors.

From this moment, the opening of the text becomes an abrupt metaphor about his conflict and triggers a journey in search of answers.

In the first minutes of film, a scene occurs where an ophthalmologist explains to Sturler that, according to the tests, he will soon lose the ability to see due to a strange condition of diffuse origin.

While his vision allows him to see even if only in gray scale, the filmmaker undertakes a journey through several places to hear the testimonies of experts and normal people and thus reflect on the sense of vision, the reality we perceive and human diversity.


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