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The Meme Machine

  • 7 10
  • 2016
  • Nonemin
The Meme Machine
  • Original Title: The Meme Machine

Where did memes come from? Can you make a meme? What happens when you become a meme? In The Meme Machine, Rooster Teeth explores the origins of memes, how they spread, and digs into the stories behind some of the most popular “human memes” like Ermahgerd Girl, Overly Attached Girlfriend, and Chocolate Rain Guy.

The Meme Machine
Mat Hames
Mat Hames Director
Melinda Bonifay
Melinda Bonifay Post Production Supervisor
Tiffany Chung
Tiffany Chung Production Manager
Brian Nelligan
Brian Nelligan Director of Photography
Doreen Copeland
Doreen Copeland Supervising Producer
Matt Hullum
Matt Hullum Executive Producer
Burnie Burns
Burnie Burns Executive Producer
Clare Major
Clare Major Director of photography
Peter Mosiman
Peter Mosiman Director of photography
Ian Prikryl
Ian Prikryl Editor
Daniel Fabelo
Daniel Fabelo Producer
Beth Hames
Beth Hames Producer
Eric Friend
Eric Friend Sound Designer
Vince Slomsky
Vince Slomsky Director of photography
James Conant
James Conant Director of photography
Graham Nolte
Graham Nolte Director of photography
Chad Lewallen
Chad Lewallen Gaffer, Electrician
Simone Khan
Simone Khan Assistant Editor
Jon Risnger
Jon Risnger Himself
Burnie Burns
Burnie Burns Himself
Matt Hullum
Matt Hullum Himself
Laina Morris
Laina Morris Herself
Kyle Craven
Kyle Craven Himself
Ian Davies
Ian Davies Himself
Tay Zonday
Tay Zonday Himself
Ben Huh
Ben Huh Himself
Tim Hwang
Tim Hwang Himself
Ryan Milner
Ryan Milner Himself
Don Caldwell
Don Caldwell Himself

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Alpheus Media

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