Gustavo Sorola

Gustavo Sorola

Actor, Executive Producer


Gustavo Raul "Gus" Sorola IIIis best known for his role with Rooster Teeth and his part in Red vs. Blue as Simmons.Gus also stars in other productions by Rooster Teeth such as Immersion, host of Drunk Tank Podcasts, special appearances with Achievement Hunter, and the new game show The Gauntlet as coach of the Red Team. His team did superbly in the competition and ultimately failed in the end. Gus is not shy to pose naked in long-time friend and co-work Geoff Lazer Ramsey's home and has posed nude in several episodes. Gus is one of the technicians that keep Rooster Teeth running, with the help of others. Gus does not take personal days after vacations and enjoys buffalo chicken pizza when he is under the influence of twilight gas.


Feb. 22, 1978