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The Gumeracha Medieval Fair

  • 10 10
  • 2016
  • Nonemin
The Gumeracha Medieval Fair
  • Original Title: The Gumeracha Medieval Fair

Welcome Milord’s, Milady’s and loyal subjects to the 10th Gumeracha Medieval Fair held at the Federation Park where more than eleven thousand folk gather to see knights battle in the arena, Vikings warcry, Horsemen, Archers, Tribal Bellydancers, food and craft Purveyors and much more in this stunning high definition & 3D documentary.

The Gumeracha Medieval Fair
Edward Jeffries
Edward Jeffries Camera Operator, Director...
Martin Barnes
Martin Barnes Security
Mel McNeair
Mel McNeair Blue & Gold Lady
Stuey McNeair
Stuey McNeair Red & Black costume
Kate Jackman
Kate Jackman Red & Black Dress
Amy Staker
Amy Staker Red & Black Dress
Emma Jackman
Emma Jackman Red & Black Dress
Dane Crisford
Dane Crisford Brown Peasant
Ellie Black
Ellie Black Red Dress
Sir Reginald
Sir Reginald The Corgi
Moira Heath
Moira Heath Archer
Mark Krebbekx
Mark Krebbekx Sir Marcus VonLubeck
Aaron Aggiss
Aaron Aggiss Timber Frames Of Australia
Martin Harwood
Martin Harwood Timber Frames Of Australia
Emma Pease
Emma Pease Red & Gold Dress
Tiffany How
Tiffany How Blue Dress
Kara Guidera
Kara Guidera (birthday girl) Robin Hood
Monika Deptula
Monika Deptula Slavic Warrior Girl
Corey Velazquez
Corey Velazquez Barbarian
Kim Fyfe
Kim Fyfe Horseman
Craig Sitch
Craig Sitch Horseman
Dan Legierski
Dan Legierski Dark Knight
Paul Legierski
Paul Legierski Black Knight
Katie Abraham
Katie Abraham Maid Marion
Mathias Forge
Mathias Forge Forgesmith
Luke Murphy
Luke Murphy Assassin
Kyle Watson
Kyle Watson Ranger
Craig White
Craig White Viking
Miss Fairy
Miss Fairy Miss Fairy - Fairy (The fairy bay)
Jess Wilson
Jess Wilson Flower Girl
Nat Wilson
Nat Wilson Flower Girl
Madeleine Bridley
Madeleine Bridley Brides Maid
Emily Giles
Emily Giles Brides Maid
Matthew Noble
Matthew Noble Wedding Extra
Braden Ketchington
Braden Ketchington Wedding Extra
Venatrix The Dog
Chris Barthelson
Chris Barthelson Black Costume
Jo Talbot
Jo Talbot Black Dress
Emily Sione
Emily Sione Purple & Green Dress
Leah Le Gall
Leah Le Gall Red, White & Green Dress
Sword 'n Ox
Sword 'n Ox Spit Roasts

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