Top 10 Documentaries to watch with your kids

27 de març de 2024


In the ever-expanding universe of visual storytelling, documentaries hold a special place, offering viewers a glimpse into real-life wonders, intriguing narratives, and transformative experiences. These films are not just windows to the world; they're invitations to embark on journeys of discovery, understanding, and awe. Watching documentaries with your kids can be an enriching experience, fostering curiosity, empathy, and a shared sense of adventure.


Introducing children to documentaries is like opening a door to new possibilities. These films, whether they're docuseries, docudramas, or traditional docs, offer more than just information. They provide real-world stories that can inspire, educate, and entertain. With platforms like Netflix, YouTube, GuideDoc, and Hulu, families have an array of choices, making it easy to find content that's not only suitable for all ages but also captivating and thought-provoking.


The beauty of documentaries lies in their power to connect us with real-world narratives that resonate with our own experiences and expand our understanding of the world. They encourage viewers, young and old, to ponder, question, and discuss. By watching these documentaries together, families can engage in meaningful conversations, share insights, and develop a deeper appreciation for the diversity and complexity of the world around them.


Top 10 Family-Friendly Documentaries:



March of the Penguins  - All Ages

Dive into the icy landscapes of Antarctica with this mesmerizing doc that follows the arduous journey of emperor penguins. Witness their incredible journey of love, survival, and parenthood in a harsh environment, beautifully narrated and visually stunning, making it an enchanting watch for viewers of all ages. 


Pick of the Litter - 7 Years and Up

Follow the adorable journey of five spirited puppies training to become guide dogs. This heartwarming doc showcases the challenges and triumphs these intelligent animals face, offering valuable lessons on responsibility, care, and the special bond between humans and their canine companions.


I Am Eleven - 10 Years Up

Explore the thoughts, dreams, and daily lives of eleven-year-olds from around the globe. This insightful documentary offers a unique glimpse into how children experience culture, family, and life itself, sparking conversations about growth, empathy, and the universal journey of adolescence.


Maidentrip - All Ages

Set sail with Laura Dekker, the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe solo. Her remarkable adventure on the high seas is a testament to courage, independence, and the indomitable spirit of exploration, inviting viewers of all ages to dream big and embrace the spirit of adventure.


A Beautiful Planet - 6 Years and Up

Witness the breathtaking beauty of Earth from space through the eyes of astronauts aboard the International Space Station. This stunning documentary offers a unique perspective on our planet, emphasizing the importance of environmental care and the interconnectedness of all living things.


SHReD: The Story of Asher Bradshaw - 6 Years and Up

When filmmaker Kathy Herndl ventured into the bustling world of California's Venice skate park, she was captivated by the buzz around Asher Bradshaw, a six-year-old skateboarding prodigy whose remarkable skills had quickly escalated him to viral fame, especially on YouTube. Herndl's film poignantly captures Asher's journey, delving into the dynamic between a dedicated father and his talented son as they balance the joys and pressures of nurturing a childhood passion with the challenges of rising stardom in the skateboarding realm.


Heritage - All Ages

This insightful documentary chronicles the poignant journey of Christian, a father with only one year left to live, as he navigates the profound challenges of forging a lasting bond with his newborn son, Philip. The documentary poignantly captures Christian's earnest endeavor to impart a legacy, intertwining the precious, fleeting moments he has left with the timeless essence of the father-son relationship. It delves into the heart of what it means to pass on values, memories, and the essence of oneself, reflecting on the significance of the gifts we inherit from our parents and the indelible marks we leave on our children. This film stands as a testament to love, legacy, and the enduring connections that transcend the bounds of time.

A Little Wisdom - 7 Years and Up

This feature documentary takes us to Tibet, inside a temple in Lumbini, Nepal, famous for being the birthplace of Buddha. In this monastery, Hopakuli is one of several orphaned children who live a rigorous religious life to become a Buddhist monk in the future. But Hopakuli is not a child who is overly dedicated or focused on his duties. On the contrary, he is a free soul with an indomitable imagination that he uses every day to find happiness in this religious regiment. This documentary makes us see life from his point of view, an approach that will make us believe again in the emancipating power of childhood.


Cats in Japan: Hotels 1 - All Ages

This episode of the series 'Cats in Japan', set in Kusatsu Onsen, nestled in Gunma Prefecture and celebrated as one of Japan's Three Great Springs, elegantly portrays the enchanting allure of this famed hot spring haven. It captures the essence of tranquility and healing that Kusatsu embodies, with its copious thermal waters, producing 4,000 liters per minute, creating a misty haven of wellness and repose. Amid this therapeutic backdrop, the film highlights an unexpected yet heartwarming feature: the local inn's resident cats. These serene feline inhabitants contribute an additional layer of comfort and charm, intertwining with the steam-filled air to enhance the town’s welcoming atmosphere. They are not just pets; they are an integral part of Kusatsu Onsen's identity, offering silent companionship to visitors and symbolizing the harmonious blend of nature and community that defines this picturesque locale.


Guaxuma - 8 Years and Up

Set against the picturesque backdrop of a Brazilian beach, where the gentle sea breeze whispers tales of yesteryears, the documentary tenderly revisits the cherished memories of Tayra, the beloved childhood friend of director Nara Normande. Their bond, portrayed with poignant nostalgia, was one of profound connection and joyful innocence, encapsulating the essence of an inseparable duo. The animated short elegantly captures this heartfelt reminiscence, enveloping viewers in the warmth of a friendship that resonates with the timeless, carefree days of youth, all set to the rhythmic lull of the ocean's embrace.



Watching documentaries with your children is more than a pastime; it’s a journey of mutual discovery, learning, and connection. Each documentary listed here serves as a gateway to new worlds, ideas, and conversations, making them perfect for family movie nights that are both entertaining and enlightening. So, grab some popcorn, gather the family, and prepare to watch, learn, and explore the wonders of our world through these exceptional documentaries on Guidedoc. 


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