Three bold documentaries on African migration in Italy

31 de juliol de 2019

Known as the cradle of humanity, historically Africa has been the most exploited territory by "civilization" on a global scale. Today, the wake of colonization continues to hit the lives of millions of Africans who seek in Europe, and especially in Italy, an opportunity to start a new after a hard journey from their homeland.

The following three documentaries that you can watch online on Guidedoc pose a sincere reflection on African migration on Italian soil.

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Gondwana by Riccardo Giacconi


Built as a sort of paleontological essay, this documentary short film excavates in the past of the Tuareg, a nomadic people of the sahara desert that fights for its independence as a nation.

The film alternates between the scenes filmed in the house of a family of Tuareg migrants who have been living in Italy for several years and the archaeological pieces of the Museum of History of Venice, remains that were found and expatriated from Tuareg territory.

With a neat plasticity and a narrative that leaves space for reflection, this short film opens a debate on the true cause of African migration to Europe: the looting of its heritage.

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Sunday by Danilo Curro


Conceived as a black and white film portrait, this short film tells the story of Fasasi Sunday, a young African refugee in Italy who, like a large part of the continent's diaspora, had to survive a dangerous journey at sea to reach foreign lands.

The eloquent Fasasi spins his story with his own voice, always changing the stage and building heartbreaking images of the tortuous journey that for many is the only way to escape from an unbearable reality.

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Arca Hotel by Gabriele Licchelli and Santiago Raphael Priego


This observational documentary follows a group of migrants from West Africa during their indefinite stay at the Arca Hotel, a residence for migrants waiting to know their future in Italy.

The hotel becomes a symbol of the condition of suspension and strangeness of the immigrants, who, closed within their space of uncertainty and wait, cannot get in touch with the local community, feeding suspicion and mistrust.

The eye of the camera tries to circumscribe in static shots the slow rhythm of the hotel routine, the atmosphere of happy melancholy, the faces of the main characters, trying to give back to the public a complex picture, where there are no answers, but only questions and starting points for a deeper analysis.


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