Three acclaimed short films to watch online (Part 1)

16 de gener de 2019

Not everything is feature films in a cinephile’s life.

At Guidedoc we also have a wide catalogue of risky, funny, creative and poetic shorts that have been shown at many festivals and received numerous awards.

This is the first installment of a juicy list that we have prepared for you, perfect for those days in which you do not want your short time to fade away choosing what to see.

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Islands of forgotten cinemas, by Ivan Ramljak


This film takes place in an old and abandoned cinema on a Croatian island, where the ruins are once again inhabited by memories. As we listen to the testimonies of those who are now old, we travel to the past, where the habit of going to the cinema for the islanders was a ritual. Here we evoke the times of celluloid, the dark room and the projection of magic: Cinema as an escape from the rural routines. With anecdotes full of humor and nostalgia, this work refers to the virtue of cinema to convey images and sounds that even after a long time remain engraved somewhere in our soul. Those nostalgic people who love the ritual of going to the movies will surely love this work and those who don't, will approach the more mystical side of this art.

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A walk, by Koo-yong Sohn


A poem makes us travel to a surreal time and space. Moved and carried by a presence that we cannot identify, someone speaks to us, someone thinks and spins the steps of a sketcher and a photographer in the streets of South Korea. Escaping from formalisms, risky, Koo-yong Sohn presents this story with an air of fable full of symbolisms and mysteries.

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Kudzu Vine, by Joshua M. Gibson


With a mystical and ghostly air, this work is an exquisite stimulant for any artist’s creativity. In Georgia, a whole attractive and hilarious universe is constructed from the kudzu vine, the plant that gives the title to the documentary. The film shows the multiple forms in which the inhabitants relate to the plant, from the most commercial way to the most spiritual way, creating a universe where each shot is of hypnotizing beauty. With slow rhythms, radios that speak to the nothing and solitary spaces completely invaded by the kuzdu, this short film invites us to ask ourselves several times if we are in front of a documentary or in front of a surreal, animated painting.

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