“Strange Love” Exploring the Most Revealing Documentaries about human sexuality.

22 de març de 2023

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed." - Carl Jung

Love, sex, and its weirdness has long fascinated people, and it's no surprise that documentaries exploring these themes have become increasingly popular in recent years. From exploring the science and psychology behind human sexuality to examining the complexities of relationships and the darker side of the porn industry, these documentaries offer a fascinating glimpse into the weird and wonderful world of love and sex.


A dominatrix and her slave

We are curious about the biology of sex, the intricacies of attraction, and the dynamics of relationships. We seek to understand the ways in which love and sex impact our lives and the lives of those around us. Our innate curiosity about these topics drives us to explore and push boundaries, constantly seeking to learn more about the complexities of human connection.

We'll take a look at some of the best documentaries, docuseries, that explore these themes:


The Woman and The Passenger

 An empty room with an unmade bed

The enigmatic name of this film is as strange as the trade and stories of the women in the title: housekeepers of a motel for couples in Santiago, Chile. Rather than cleaning up the remains of a quick sexual encounter, the cleaners of these motels are involuntary witnesses to the passions, eccentricities and miseries of human beings in their most vulnerable and natural state: when desire compels them to roll around in an anonymous bed for a few hours.


Siberian Love

 Family portrait of a wedding

After 20 years of living in Berlin, director Olga Delane returns to her small hometown in Siberia. Her return to her roots confronts her with a conservative lifestyle, where traditional values mark the roles of couples. Men are the owners of the house and women are responsible for taking care of the children and doing all household chores. "Why are there no feminists here?" Olga asks her aunt, to which she responds, "Feminists? What is that?"

It's an emotional adventure in search of the essence of love in rural Siberia. As Olga delves deeper into her journey, an inevitable question arises: what does a woman need to have a full and happy life?


Sex Explained

A digital work of a child in the womb

Is a Netflix, docuseries hosted by Janelle Monae, this docuseries delves into the science, history, and cultural impact of sex. Each episode covers a different aspect of sex, from attraction and fertility to sexual fantasy and gender.


Hot Girls Wanted

 A young girl being abused during an adult shoot

This documentary follows the lives of young women who enter the world of amateur porn. It explores the industry's impact on their personal lives and their experiences navigating it.


 Seyran Ates: Sex, Revolution & Islam

 A group dressed in black walking around in a white room

Is the story of Seyran’s personal and ideological fight for the modernization of Islam. Her quest for change takes her on a journey worldwide, meeting with different people connected through faith, from sex workers in a German brothel to LGBTQ youth in Uyghur to traditional female imams in China. It is a journey through Seyran’s life, from her humble beginnings as a Muslim girl in the slums of Turkey to becoming a female leader daring to challenge her religion and rebel against extremism in the name of peace and love.


Sex(ed): The Movie

 A banana with a condom on the end

Is a documentary directed by Brenda Goodman that explores the history of sex education in America. Using a mix of archival footage and personal anecdotes, the film charts the evolution of sex ed from its earliest beginnings in the early 20th century to the present day. Through interviews with educators, students, and activists, "Sex(ed): The Movie" examines the controversies and challenges that have shaped the debate around sex education, including debates over abstinence-only programs, the role of parents in sex ed, and the impact of new technologies on how we talk about sex. The film ultimately aims to show how comprehensive sex education can empower young people to make informed decisions about their bodies and relationships, while also encouraging empathy, understanding, and respect for others.


Love and Sex in Japan

A young girl dressed as a maid in front of a man dressed in black

Is a documentary that explores the unique cultural attitudes towards love and sex in Japan. Through interviews with experts, academics, and everyday people, the film examines the complex intersection of tradition and modernity in Japanese society, and how these forces have shaped attitudes towards dating, marriage, and sexuality. "Love and Sex in Japan" also delves into the rise of otaku culture and its impact on intimacy and relationships, as well as the phenomenon of "herbivore men" who reject traditional masculinity and gender roles. The documentary ultimately offers a fascinating glimpse into the challenges and opportunities of navigating love and sex in a rapidly changing society.


Love Still

 An adult couple laughs in an interview

A 30-year-old film director as he sets out to explore the theme of love. His search leads him to a dance for the elderly held in a historic bar in Montevideo, where he collects 11 unique stories of love, heartbreak, and everything in between. The film captures the perspectives of the elderly dancers on love, relationships, and the meaning of life. The stories that emerge from the dance floor touch on a range of emotions including concrete and unsuccessful dreams, deception, violence, and hope. The documentary ultimately poses the question of whether love endures through the final stage of life, and provides a poignant and thought-provoking exploration of the many facets of love.


The Mask You Live In

A boy tries to comfort his friend

Explores the effects of societal expectations on young men in America. While not exclusively focused on love and sex, the film delves into how the narrow definition of masculinity can have harmful consequences in these areas. The documentary follows a diverse group of boys and young men as they navigate the challenges of growing up in a culture that emphasizes aggression, dominance, and emotional suppression as markers of masculinity. The film examines how these pressures can impact relationships and sexual experiences, leading to disconnection, loneliness, and even violence. Through interviews with experts in psychology, sociology, and education, the film offers a thought-provoking critique of gender norms and provides insights into how individuals and communities can work towards a more expansive and healthy vision of masculinity.


The Ceremony

 Four blindfolded women

Catherine Robbe-Grillet, an 84-year-old Frenchwoman, is the country's most renowned dominatrix. She creates elaborate sadomasochistic ceremonies in her chateau, defying societal norms surrounding power, submission, sensuality, and physical pain. This documentary delves into her world and explores how she challenges traditional beliefs about sexuality and gender.


The exploration of love and sex in documentary form is a fascinating and thought-provoking journey that can offer insight into the complexity of human relationships and desires. From examining societal norms and expectations to exploring the personal stories of individuals, these documentaries offer a unique perspective on a universal subject. Whether you are looking to expand your knowledge, challenge your preconceptions, or simply be entertained, there is a documentary or docuseries out there for everyone.


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