Sex(ed): The Movie

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  • 2014
  • 76min
Sex(ed): The Movie
  • Original Title: Sex(ed): The Movie

Hilarious, shocking and informative at the same time, this bold documentary takes a historical look back at sex education in the U.S. educational system from 1910 to the present day.

Sex(ed): The Movie

Sex(Ed): The Movie. How they explain our genitals

From the conservative black-and-white short films that were shown to young cadets in military academies to the more liberal methodologies of today, this documentary directed by Brenda Goodman takes a panoply of the different ways in which the state has promoted sex education in America.

Through a wealth of archival footage and interviews with experts and ordinary people, Goodman poses a reflection on how the public institution tries to "civilize" our sexual behavior from an early age. What can we do to break the taboo of our genitals in the most healthy and uninhibited way?

Brenda Goodman
Brenda Goodman Director

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Brenda Goodman and Caitlin Krapf

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