Pursuit of perfection: Exploring the docu-world of innovators who revolutionized humanity

12 de maig de 2023

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." - Steve Jobs


In a world driven by innovation and technology, there exists a group of exceptional individuals who have pushed the boundaries of what we once thought possible. These inventors have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of perfection, altering the course of humanity with their groundbreaking creations. Documentaries and docuseries have played a pivotal role in capturing these remarkable stories, granting us a glimpse into the minds of these visionaries.


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From the invention of the light bulb to the development of the internet, these game-changing innovations have propelled our society forward. While many inventors remain unsung heroes, their stories are immortalized through the powerful medium of film. Documentaries and docuseries bring to light the hardships, triumphs, and relentless determination that define these individuals and their world-altering inventions.


Top 10 Documentaries: Chronicles of the Quest for Perfection:



The Edison Gene

black and white photograph of man in formal outfit holding a light bulb

This documentary dives into the extraordinary life of Thomas Edison, one of history's most prolific inventors. "The Edison Gene" explores his upbringing, tenacity, and ingenious mind, offering a fascinating portrait of the man behind the light bulb, phonograph, and countless other inventions that revolutionized the world.


The Man Who Invented The Vespa

A woman and a men are riding the motorcycle in the city

This documentary tells the life story of Corradino d'Ascanio, the creator of the iconic Vespa scooter, from his childhood in the village of Popoli to his later years in Pontedera. With interviews from historians, engineers, friends, and family, the film gives a comprehensive and professional account of his achievements, including the invention of the helicopter and variable pitch propeller. Using rare archival footage and exclusive interviews, it provides the most accurate portrait of the renowned engineer to date.


Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

a black and white photo of an apple computer man

This Documentary provides an intimate look into the life and legacy of the visionary co-founder of Apple Inc. The film examines the complexities of Jobs' character, his relentless pursuit of perfection, and the impact he had on the world of personal computing, communication, and entertainment.


Chasing The Wind

the man of plastic

In this documentary, we follow the daily life of an embalmer who considers herself a master of her craft. She views her work as a way of playing with death, stealing moments from the inevitable nothingness. However, as the documentary unfolds, we witness the toll that this pursuit of perfection can take on her, leading to an elusive and possibly unattainable goal.


Something Ventured

a man holding a check next to another man

This documentary sheds light on the untold story of venture capitalists who recognized the potential of innovative ideas and backed the entrepreneurs behind them. This documentary showcases how their investments in companies like Apple, Intel, and Cisco helped create a new era of technological advancements and transformed the world.



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The journey to mastery is often said to take 10,000 hours, but in Japan, the Takumi artisans believe that true expertise requires 60,000 hours of dedication. As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance, learning in mere moments what might take humans a lifetime, there is growing concern that machines may replace humans in almost every field by 2050. Amidst this technological revolution, Japan's Takumi masters may hold the key to preserving the essence of human craftsmanship. This documentary explores the resilience of traditional skills in the face of AI's relentless progress, offering valuable insights into the enduring importance of human ingenuity and creativity.


American Genius

an old style plane is being flown by a man

This Docuserie explores the brilliant minds behind some of history's most transformative inventions. The film examines the rivalries, collaborations, and innovations that have driven progress in science, technology, and industry, showcasing inventors like Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and the Wright Brothers.


Body Mechanics

an arm robot is placed in a man's hand

In a rehabilitation center, amputees strive to regain autonomy with the help of a dedicated medical team and ingenious devices. Premiering at the Cinema du Réel Documentary Film Festival, Matthieu Chatellier's documentary captures the resilience of the human spirit.


Cycle Of Change

 a woman works with iron in a workshop

In El Salvador, Reina Molino tackles the lack of opportunity for women and youth by journeying to Guatemala to learn about bici-maquinas, or bicycle pedal-power technology. Guided by social enterprise founder Carlos and supported by her friend Geovany, Reina's inspiring quest leads to self-empowerment and community transformation.


The Men Who Built America

This gripping docuseries delves into the lives of America's most influential industrialists, including Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, and Henry Ford. Chronicling their rise to power, the series reveals the vision, ambition, and ruthlessness that fueled their success, ultimately shaping the course of American history.


As we continue to navigate an ever-changing world, the stories of these inventors serve as an enduring testament to the power of human ingenuity. These docs, docudramas, and docuseries capture the essence of these trailblazers, allowing us to appreciate the immense impact they have had on our lives.


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Whether you're a movie buff or a dedicated cinephile, these documentaries and docuseries offer an invaluable window into the minds of the inventors who have shaped the world we know today. With platforms like Guidedoc, Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming services, you can watch online and explore the stories of these exceptional individuals from the comfort of your home. So prepare to embark on a captivating journey into the realm of human innovation.

* Steve Jobs was the co-founder of Apple Inc., a visionary entrepreneur, and a pioneer in the fields of personal computing, communication, and entertainment.


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