A Journey Through Rural Life: Top Ten Documentaries to Watch Online

8 de novembre de 2023


Imagine the crackling sound of dried leaves underfoot, the distant calls of farm animals, and the fresh scent of earth after rain. This is the essence of rural life, an experience often romanticized yet only fully understood through immersion. Fortunately, for those unable to escape the urban grind, documentaries, and docuseries offer a window into this rural world. They capture not just the scenery, but the heart and soul of country living.


Documentaries and docuseries about rural life often transcend the simple act of observation. They serve as visual ethnographies, exploring the intricate balance between people, land, and tradition. From the sun-drenched fields of the Midwest to the rugged peaks of remote villages, these films and shows delve into the lives of individuals who shape and are shaped by the land. Such narratives can range from the pure documentary form, capturing real-life moments as they unfold, to docudramas, weaving in reenactments and narrative storytelling to enhance the viewing experience.


The portrayal of rural life in these visuals is not merely for entertainment. They are a docu-mosaic of cultures, weathered faces, and stories rooted in soil. Each frame is a painting; each story is a thread in the larger tapestry of human experience. As urban dwellers, we're offered a guided tour through the lives we often forget or overlook, prompted to reflect on our existence and perhaps, find a kinship with the simplicity and challenges of rural living.


Exploring Rural Life Top Ten Documentaries: 



Country Life

In the lush fields of the English countryside, "Country Life" offers a stunning and contemplative look at rural traditions. It's a series that weaves the beauty of the landscape with the narratives of those who have tended these lands for generations. Viewers are taken through the seasons, witnessing the triumphs and trials faced by modern farmers, from the lambing season in spring to the harvests of autumn, providing a deep understanding of the symbiotic relationship between the land and its stewards.


To Die in the Deserts

Amidst the vast landscapes of northern Mexico's semi-desert, an expedition is underway. The mission: is to trace the remnants of Cardenche, a soulful and melancholic song genre that has narrated tales of love, disdain, remorse, and tragedy. Deeply embedded in the histories of cotton farmers and miners, this poignant tradition, now teetering on the edge of oblivion, is a testament to resilience and endurance. As the journey delves deeper, the profound significance of Cardenche emerges, revealing a song not just of emotion but of sheer survival.


The Farmers' Country Showdown

This docuseries is a profound testament to the spirit of farming communities across the UK. Each episode follows different farmers as they prepare for local shows, competing with their finest animals and produce. The series presents an intimate portrayal of the farmers' hopes and the meticulous care they invest in their work, revealing the personal stories and family legacies intertwined with the soil they cultivate.



In the sweeping arid expanses of northeastern Mexico, "Cuates de Australia" stands as an emblem of human resilience—a ranch where water is a rare treasure, and its inhabitants are the guardians of scarcity. Director Everardo Gonzalez crafts a cinematic chronicle of life on the edge of survival, where climate change's cruel hand has deepened the drought's grip, thrusting the community into its gravest water crisis yet. His film becomes a poignant study of endurance and adaptation, capturing the largest migration undertaken by these hardy souls in a desperate quest for water—each frame a stark, moving testament to the fragile yet unyielding human spirit that prevails in the face of environmental adversity.


American Hollow

Focusing on the Bowling family in Appalachia, "American Hollow" explores the complexities of rural poverty, isolation, and community solidarity. The documentary presents a stark, unflinching look at the struggles of life in a hollow where the modern American dream seems a distant reality. It challenges viewers to confront their preconceptions of rural America, offering a narrative that is both specific to the Bowling family and universal in its themes of survival and familial bonds.


The Fading Village

Nestled in a mountain village that time seems to have forgotten, the story of Hou Junli stands as a rare testament to fidelity to one's roots. As his peers have succumbed to the allure of urban life, Hou remains, a solitary guardian amidst the crumbling facades that weather the relentless snow and rain. This long-term observational documentary delves into the gritty reality of life tethered to the land that birthed you, examining the quiet defiance of abandonment and the deep-seated love for native soil. It poses an existential question: What becomes of a place when its stewards disappear? With a poetic lens, the film captures the undying echo of tradition and the poignant struggle to keep it alive in a world that has moved on.


The Last Cowboy

As a visceral ode to the disappearing cowboy culture, this docudrama captures the raw beauty of the American West. The show follows ranchers who fight to preserve their lifestyle against the relentless march of modernity. It is filled with heartfelt stories of individuals connected by their shared love for the cowboy ethos, revealing the determination required to maintain traditions that have shaped the American identity.



In the lush greenery of Montserrat, a Caribbean gem, Redz, a Rastafari farmer, wrestles with the dichotomy of his beliefs and the necessities of commerce. His commitment to Rastafarian principles forbids the consumption of meat, yet his aspirations to foster a thriving business compel him to trade in the very commodity he must not indulge in. This short documentary invites viewers into Redz's world, where each day unfolds with the pastoral ritual of guiding goats through the neighborhood, ensuring they feast upon the finest foliage, high above in the trees. It's a narrative that explores the nuances of faith, the economics of survival, and the compromises that life—like the twisting branches of the Montserrat trees—sometimes demands.



This documentary is a candid exploration of the American Midwest's agricultural heart. The documentary delves into the lives of those who keep the nation fed, showcasing the deeply ingrained values of hard work, family, and connection to the land. The film exposes the cycles of life and death on a farm, highlighting the innovations farmers use to sustain their way of life and the personal stories that reflect the broader narrative of rural America's past, present, and uncertain future.


Holy Cow

In the heart of Azerbaijan's scenic highlands, Tapdiq harbors a vision that sets him apart from his fellow villagers—a European cow he fondly names Madonna. With aspirations to uplift his family's life, he embarks on a quest that stirs the still waters of his traditional community. The elders of the village view Madonna with suspicion; to them, this unfamiliar bovine is a harbinger of ill health, her milk an elixir of uncertainty, potentially tainting their time-honored ways.


Through the camera's eye, we are privy to the unscripted drama of rural existence, its undulating rhythms, and its unspoken bonds with nature. These documentaries and docuseries are not just shows to watch online; they are invitations to understand and appreciate the understated beauty of life outside city limits. As we conclude this cinematic odyssey, we are reminded of the words of documentary filmmaker Louis Malle: "Documentaries are the first form of cinema and the most direct: A camera and a microphone in the hands of one or two people, who go to meet the world, try to understand it, to make it better known, without any other intervention."


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