Documenting a massacre: Three must-see documentaries

7 de gener de 2020

Documentary cinema has the quality of serving as a means of catharsis when those in front and behind the camera address a painful past.

The case of this list of documentaries available on Guidedoc has to do with the impression of a massacre. Cambodia, Armenia and the border between Syria and Turkey are places where the struggle for justice and dignity still gravitates.

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Enemies Of The People


After having shaken the audiences of the Sundance Film Festival, this documentary continues to transcend as one of the boldest approaches to the massacre perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia in the late 70's. Director Thet Sambath, a young man who lost his relatives back then, decides to confront the murderers of more than two million people, who still remain unpunished in their old age.

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A157 is the name of the tent that serves as a temporary home for three young Kurdish pregnant women who were raped by ISIS soldiers in their hometown. The three young girls are now refugees in a camp located on the border between Syria and Turkey, from where they narrate the abuses suffered by their people at the hands of the terrorists who have carried out one of the most despicable massacres of our contemporaneity.

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Director Chaghig Arzoumanian takes a journey through her past generations and reimagines the painful pilgrimage that her grandparents' exile meant when the Armenian genocide was perpetrated in 1915. In the documentary we see landscapes and geographies filmed in the present and seen through Aszoumanian's eyes. But these images are rather being mediated through time by all the characters that make up that family tree that vibrates in this intimate and personal essay on uprooting.

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