BigTech's Quantum Leap: Shaping the Multiverse of Data, Ten Documentaries Perspectives

16 de agost de 2023

"We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us." - Marshall McLuhan


The steady hum of data servers has become the heartbeat of our time, a rhythm accentuating the swift acceleration of technology we've experienced in recent years. BigTech companies are not just shaping our immediate realities but are also crafting an ambitious narrative for our future. At the epicenter of this technological whirlwind, a growing genre is documenting these seismic shifts—welcome to the realm of tech-focused documentaries and docuseries.

While technology swells to occupy every facet of our lives, the world of film is playing catch-up. Docudramas, documentaries, and docuseries are becoming indispensable mediums for us to understand the data-driven narratives unfolding around us. In the age of digital democratization, platforms like Netflix, Youtube, and Guidedoc offer audiences a comprehensive picture of the unprecedented expansion of BigTech.


Streaming the Future: From Data Frenzy to Docuseries


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We're caught in a riveting feedback loop. The more technology permeates our lives, the more the genre grows, with each new doc, film, or video unearthing the implications of this global transformation. How do we navigate this uncharted territory, this new 'multiverse' of data? Are we ready for what's coming?


Here are the top 10 documentaries and docuseries that encapsulate this transformation:




The Social Dilemma 

a young man looking at a cell phone where fire comes out

This eye-opening documentary-drama explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their creations. It presents an unnerving analysis of our growing dependency on technology and the BigTech companies that exploit it.


Social Animals

four girls looking at a cell phone screen expectantly

This Documentary provides a captivating, in-depth exploration of the impact of Social Media on the lives of three distinct individuals, an audacious photographer, an aspiring swimsuit model, and a Midwest girl next door. All driven by their quest for acceptance, love, and of course, fame, the film observes their tireless efforts to boost their online presence, often blurring the boundaries between their digital and real lives. The documentary acts as a mirror to today's image-obsessed youth, presenting a society where online validation through followers, likes, and comments directly influence one's self-worth and success.


The Great Hack

a businessman with glasses

Diving deep into the dark world of data exploitation, this film uncovers the disturbing truth about Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal. The doc exposes how our data is used as a potent weapon in the realm of information warfare.


Google and the World Brain

a huge multi-story library with tables and readers

When Google started digitizing global book collections, the book industry cried foul over perceived copyright breaches. While Google's vision seemed reminiscent of H.G. Wells' dream of a universal library, its digital reality has glaring issues. Concerns about Google monopolizing virtual content and holding vast user data are among the critiques tackled by experts in this riveting documentary.


Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates a digital drawing of a man with glasses in bue tones

This intriguing docuseries explores the mind and motivations of the celebrated tech visionary, Bill Gates. It provides invaluable insight into how one of the largest tech empires came to be and the future it envisions. 



three men and one woman pose in traditional Japanese clothing

It is widely believed that it takes 10.000 hours to become an expert. In Japan, some people claim that it takes 60.000 hours to achieve true mastery, and this people are called Takumi. Many of us will never reach such heights, but what about machines? Artificial intelligence can learn in an instant what a human learns over a lifetime. It is developing so rapidly that by 2050, machines will replace humans in virtually every field.


The Age of A.I.

a newborn inside a digital incubator

Hosted by Robert Downey Jr., this Youtube series delves into the exciting world of AI. With expert interviews and real-life demonstrations, it presents a comprehensive view of how AI is revolutionizing various aspects of our lives.


The great intox: Electric Cars Investigated

heavy traffic

How do we truly make eco-conscious choices? Is choosing an electric car an act of environmental preservation or a misguided notion? Dive into this documentary that chronicles one individual's journey in pursuit of clarity and genuine sustainability.



a concentrated dark-haired ombre in front of a board with tiles

This documentary follows the journey of the AI program, AlphaGo, which shocked the world by defeating a world champion in the complex board game 'Go'. It paints a thrilling picture of the future of AI in our world.


Body Mechanics

a man tests digital lungs

In a rehabilitation center, recently amputated women and men are training to regain their autonomy. The medical team by their side is busy assisting them in standing again. Ingenious mechanisms have to fill the gaps. Everyone gets their bearings. Tries, gauges and invents a new body. 


As these documentaries vividly illustrate, the rapid expansion of BigTech into our lives is both inspiring and terrifying. As we continue to feed this machine with our data, we must ask ourselves: Are we merely participants in this vast digital play, or are we also the audience, watching our lives unfold through the lens of these documentaries?

Indeed, as we craft our tools and technologies, they return the favor by molding our realities. The challenge lies in striking a balance, a dance between harnessing technology's potential and preserving our human essence. As we tune into the next episode of our favorite docuseries, let's remember to also listen for the steady hum of the data server, the rhythm of our rapidly evolving digital world.


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