Berlinale: Three award-winning short documentaries to watch online

15 de maig de 2020

The Berlinale, the most important film festival in Germany and considered the second most notorious event of its kind in the world, is known for its bold selection of films that challenge cinematographic paradigms. Here are three short films premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival that you can watch online at Guidedoc.

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Batrachian’s ballad


A winner of the golden bear for the best short film at the Berlinale in 2016, this little gem of Portuguese cinema is almost a subversive shout against xenophobia focused on gypsies in Portugal.

In that country you can find frogs made of clay in some commercial stores as a sign of rejection of the entrance of gypsies.

Far from the treatment that we usually see in documentaries that denounce social discrimination, the short film appeals to an intelligent montage through which the viewer must tie up dots as he is immersed in contemplative settings and others of progressive violence.

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Released at the Berlinale and selected at Sundance and dozens of festivals around the world, Untravel is an animated short film that, with simplicity and forcefulness, makes an account of the first journey of a character outside of his home country.

Illustrated by a red, giant wall, the aspirations to go beyond what we already know is what moves the protagonist to try to overcome the physical and psychological obstacles posed by the authoritarianism of his native land.

In the film, the ideas of patriotism, emigration and tourism are dissected in just nine minutes.

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Through opaque color drawings, Broken plunges us into the underworld of what was once the largest women's prison in East Germany.

Released at the Berlinale in 2016, the short film directed by Volker Schlecht and Alexander Lahl presents scenes described by the voices of women who spent part of their lives in that prison where they were forced to make consumer products that enriched people connected to the regime.

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