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April 19, 2023

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." - Oscar Wilde

For centuries, humans have gazed up at the night sky in wonder, contemplating the mysteries of the universe. From the origin of the cosmos to the possibility of life on other planets, the quest for knowledge and understanding has driven us to explore the depths of space. Today, with advanced technology and scientific knowledge, we have made incredible strides in our understanding of the cosmos, and yet the universe continues to surprise and amaze us.


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We have always been curious about the unknown and the unexplored, and that is why documentaries and docuseries about the universe have become so popular. These films not only entertain but also educate us about the cosmos, its workings, and its possible inhabitants.

From the vastness of space to the mysteries of alien life, the universe has always been a source of fascination for humans.


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The search for life beyond our own planet has long captured the imagination of scientists and the public alike. In recent years, breakthroughs in astronomy and astrobiology have led to new discoveries and a deeper understanding of the conditions necessary for life to exist elsewhere in the universe. From the possibility of microbial life on Mars to the search for habitable exoplanets orbiting distant stars, the search for extraterrestrial life is a key focus of many of the documentaries on our list.

The documentaries also explore other fascinating aspects of the cosmos, such as the origins of the universe, the mysteries of black holes, and the nature of dark matter and energy. Through stunning visuals, expert interviews, and cutting-edge science, these documentaries offer a glimpse into the wonders of the universe and our place within it.


Unveiling the Cosmos: Exploring the Universe through the top 10 Documentaries:



Scientists prepare the launch of a huge balloon. There is a small pickup and several trailers

This documentary follows an international team of astrophysicists as they risk it all to launch a multi-million dollar telescope on a NASA high-altitude balloon. Their mission? To explore the origins of the universe by discovering thousands of early galaxies, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. "BLAST" reveals the gritty, nail-biting challenges and inevitable setbacks of their quest, as the team faces daunting weather, technical difficulties, and funding challenges. Through it all, the film puts a human face on the epic journey to answer the most fundamental question of all - How did we get here?



The universe in black and white

This film takes us back to January 10th, 1946, when the first-ever signal was transmitted from Earth to the moon with the use of high-powered antennas. This remarkable achievement was made possible by the groundbreaking Project Diana, which was launched two years prior. The documentary, directed by Simon Ripoll-Hurier, explores the history and science behind Project Diana and the dedicated team of scientists and engineers who made it possible.


Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

Carl Sagan, a smiling man in a beige blazer surrounded by models of planets

Hosted by Carl Sagan, this 13-part docuseries explores the history of the universe, from the Big Bang to the present day. The series covers a vast range of topics, including astronomy, physics, biology, and history. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in the cosmos.


Through the Wormhole

Morgan Freeman, A man poses seriously, there are shadows on his face, he wears a dark blazer and shirt, the sky behind him is full of stars

Join Morgan Freeman on a mind-bending journey through the mysteries of the universe in "Through the Wormhole." This captivating series explores the most perplexing questions in science, from the origins of the universe to the search for extraterrestrial life. Through cutting-edge research and insightful interviews with top experts, "Through the Wormhole" offers a fascinating glimpse into the vastness of the cosmos and the secrets that lie within.


Kappa Crucis

An older man with glasses looks through a round hole

This documentary follows the story of veteran astronomer Bernardo Riedel, as he embarks on a journey to build one of his famous telescopes and escape the light pollution of the city in search of the wonders of the cosmos. Through stunning visuals and intimate storytelling, the film captures the preciousness of Bernardo's microcosm and the passion of a simple man who dreams of extraordinary worlds beyond our understanding.


Above and Below

Four astronauts in rudimentary suits and backpacks with the number 2 and number 5

This documentary by Nicolas Steiner takes you on a unique journey into the lives of five unconventional individuals who have chosen to live on the fringes of society. From a man living in a Las Vegas tunnel to a woman seeking to establish a colony on Mars, the film explores the human experience both above and below the surface of society. With stunning cinematography and a hauntingly beautiful score, "Above and Below" is a thought-provoking and visually striking portrait of humanity's quest for connection and meaning.


The Mars Generation

A young astronaut in a spacesuit and glasses watches the stairs she must climb.

This captivating documentary, directed by Michael Barnett, offers a thrilling glimpse into the world of Space Camp and the bright young minds who aspire to be the first astronauts to step foot on Mars. With unprecedented access to NASA's training facilities, the film follows a group of teenage space enthusiasts as they work tirelessly to achieve their dreams of exploring the final frontier. Along the way, viewers are treated to fascinating insights from prominent figures in the space community, including astronaut Chris Hadfield and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. With stunning visuals and an inspiring message about humanity's potential to reach for the stars, "The Mars Generation" is a must-watch for anyone with a passion for space exploration. The film premiered to critical acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017 and is now available for streaming on Netflix.


Mars Closer

A bald, blue-eyed man

Follow the gripping story of Paul Leeming and Pauls Irbins as they prepare to embark on a one-way mission to Mars, becoming some of the first human settlers on the planet. This documentary offers an intimate look into the personal and emotional sacrifices made by these aspiring space pioneers, as they leave behind their loved ones and the only home they have ever known to embark on a groundbreaking mission that could change the course of human history.


Wonders of the Universe

A starry sky and the silhouette of a man

Unveiling the mysteries of the universe, Professor Brian Cox takes us on a cosmic journey to the far corners of the world in "Wonders of the Universe". With awe-inspiring visuals and his passion for science, Cox reveals the fundamental principles of nature that shape our world and connects humanity's existence to the origins of the universe. Through this journey, we discover the intricate workings of light, gravity, energy, matter, and time, that have shaped the universe into the wonder that it is today.



An older, well-groomed man holds a glowing point of energy

This documentary takes viewers on an epic journey through the cosmos, guided by the captivating narration of Sam Neill. From the mysteries of black holes to the search for extraterrestrial life, this series delves into the cutting-edge science that is unlocking the secrets of our universe. Get ready to be mesmerized by stunning visuals and mind-blowing discoveries in this thrilling exploration of hyperspace.


The Universe is vast, mysterious, and awe-inspiring, and these 10 must-watch documentaries offer a glimpse into the wonders and mysteries of the cosmos. From the search for life on other planets to the origins of the universe, each film takes us on a journey through space and time, expanding our knowledge and understanding of the universe around us.


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So if you're looking for a captivating and thought-provoking way to spend your time, why not check out one of these documentaries? Whether you're a space enthusiast, a science buff, or simply curious about the world around you, there's something for everyone on this list.

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