These serial killers documentaries are a must-watch

May 28, 2020

For fans of the genre, or just for those who have it as an irresistible guilty pleasure, Guidedoc presents this select list of three documentaries about serial killers to watch online. Horror stories of men, women, crime scenes, interrogations, confessions, deceits and innocent blood.

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Fatum: Room 216


The room 216 of a police station in Ontario, Canada, will be the site of the events of a very particular interrogation. The protagonists are detective Jim Smith and a military colonel suspected in the case of Jessica Lloyd, a woman who has been missing for several days.

The documentary is a synthesis of a claustrophobic 10-hour long interrogation in which Detective Smith uses the stereotype of the good policeman to, little by little, dig into the soul of the suspect, who gradually yields to the truth and finally describes with visceral detail how the woman was abused, killed, and disappeared.

The documentary ends with a devastating act of sincerity by the suspect when asked by Smith. A documentary as rare as it is unsettling.

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Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes



Ted Bundy has been one of the most notorious serial killers in the history of the United States. After committing horrendous crimes against women he selectively harassed with silk hands, Bundy was caught and imprisoned.

Years later, he agrees to give a series of interviews to a journalist, which were immortalized by an audio recorder. These tapes are the main narrative material used by this Netflix docuseries where we know, from his own deceiving voice, the biography and soul of this unfortunately famous serial killer


The Confession Killer


Henry Lee Lucas confessed to having murdered more than one hundred women in the south of the United States throughout his life. His confessions were recorded in court, since one of the conditions he requested to make them was that television cameras capture his testimonies.

But was Lucas really a serial killer? This engaging Netflix docuseries unveils one of the greatest farces in crime history. After having given horrific fabricated details of his murders to dozens of women, it was later found that everything he said was false, except in one case – yes, only one - of which he was found guilty.

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