Living off grid: Three life-changing documentaries

July 25, 2019

They live disconnected from civilization. They use and consume only what is necessary to survive and do not require the electricity or gas that we have in our homes through the complex infrastructure of the city.

These three documentaries that you can watch online on Guidedoc show us the valuable experiences of people living off grid that demonstrate that a new and less harmful way to coexist with nature is still possible.

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Life Off Grid by Jonathan Taggart



This inspiring documentary takes us through beautiful and unspoiled wild landscapes of Canada to learn about the experiences of people that live off grid. A solar oven to cook the meals, a pipeless toilet that converts waste into compost, and a house made of mud and old tires are just some of the ideas that these pioneers have carried out to practice a more harmonious coexistence with nature.

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What A Strange Way of Life by Pedro Serra



Cabrun, Tamera and the Catalan Integral Cooperative are three self-sustaining communes that pose living examples of another way of life on earth. This documentary directed by Pedro Serra takes us between Spain and Portugal to learn how for the inhabitants of these small communities the concept of freedom is equal to that of self-sustainability, and a secure future is subject to the construction of an alternative to the polluting and wasteful civilization that exists today.

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Living The Change by Antoniette Wilson and Jordan Osmond



With the premise that today's environmental crises have been only possible because of the inconsiderate treatment that man has given to nature, this documentary makes visible stories of community leaders that propose another way to produce what we consume.

The film focuses on the idea of a new, more organic and local agriculture, but also documents successful self-sustaining projects, such as an elementary school that produces its own food, a community that created its own local currency or a landfill in which the waste from a neighborhood is turned into compost.

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