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What A Strange Way Of Life

  • 8 10
  • 2015
  • 109min
What A Strange Way Of Life
  • Original Title: Que Estranha Forma de Vida (2015)

This documentary takes us to Portugal and Spain to show us three incredible eco-sustainable life experiences based on small self-sustainable communities.

What A Strange Way Of Life

AWARDS: Revelation Award. CN ANTROP

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Planetadoc Film Festival/ MAFF/ Bilasfilmfest/ Avanca/ CNANTROP/ Cine Eco Film Festival

What A Strange Way Of Life. Three eco-friendly communes in Europe

In this Documentary, the director addresses ways of life that are parallel to society as we know it.

The film closely follows the eco-village Cabrum, a recent community in northern Portugal; Cooperativa Integral Catalana, in Barcelona, which practices self-management with its own coin - the Eco; and finally, the self-sustaining community - Tamera - also located in Portugal. With almost 20 years of existence. 

All these projects, alternatives to the System, seek to live in harmony with a vision of the future based on sustainability and cooperation between human, animal and nature.

Pedro Serra
Pedro Serra Director

Production Companies

Pedro Serra and Laura Pazo

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