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Living The Change

  • 9.5 10
  • 2018
  • 85min
Living The Change
  • Original Title: Living the Change: Inspiring Stories for a Sustainable Future (2018)

Illustrated by a stunning cinematography, a group of experts warn of the serious social, economic and environmental consequences that will take place if the current pattern of consumption on earth does not stop.

Living The Change
  • English
  • English
  • Country: Australia
  • Original Title: Living the Change: Inspiring Stories for a Sustainable Future (2018)

AWARDS: Cinematography Award. A Show For A Change Film Festival/ Social Impact Award. A Show For A Change Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Innsbruk Nature Film Festival

Living The change, Inspiring stories for a sustainable future

How can we conceive a world without electronics or air travel? What might seem like an incredible thing could happen in only a couple of centuries when fossil fuel reserves fall drastically due to the relentless increase in consumption demanded by today's civilization.

What concrete actions could make a difference in our goal of having a more sustainable economy on a planet with finite resources? This is precisely the question that faces this revealing and educational film about a crushing but apparently invisible reality.

The great difference between Living the Change and other documentaries on the subject is the historical perspective on human's relationship with nature, a past and a present marked by our harmful cravings for domination. Can humans change our attitude in the future to at least ensure our survival?

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