Top 10 Trending Documentaries: stories that impact users

Oct. 2, 2023


In a world swarming with countless narratives, documentaries stand out, gripping audiences with stark realities and unscripted moments of life. True stories have a unique allure, enticing viewers to delve into real-life challenges, triumphs, and mysteries that unfold on the screen. This growing appeal is evident in the soaring viewership numbers on platforms such as Netflix, Guidedoc, and YouTube.


As the online world burgeons, a new dimension of cinematic experience unravels, painting our screens with authentic hues of life. The robust growth of docuseries and documentaries, prominently featured on platforms like Apple TV, attests to the global craving for raw, untainted narratives. These films offer an unfiltered gaze into diverse domains of life, society, and the myriad issues entwining them.


The real characters genre intricately weaves factual events with a cinematic portrayal, offering viewers an engaging yet informative experience. In an era where "watch online" is a familiar refrain, the surge in documentary watching signifies a collective move towards appreciating the depth and breadth of real stories.


Top 10 Documentaries popular among users: 



The Tinder Swindler 

young man with glasses and friendly face

In a riveting whirl of glamour and deceit, an Israeli man embarks on a continental con game, leaving a trail of broken hearts and empty bank accounts across Europe. Adopting the alias of Simon Leviev, he masquerades as the scion of a Russian-Israeli diamond dynasty. Utilizing the digital allure of the dating app Tinder, he ensnares unsuspecting women in a web of love and luxury. Promising romance and opulence, he dupes them into relinquishing their funds, a debt he has no intention of repaying. This gripping tale unspools the intricate schemes and bold-faced lies of a modern-day Casanova, laying bare the vulnerabilities that pulse beneath the surface of digital dalliances and the harsh consequences of deception.


Elephant Refugees

a keeper bathes an elephant

This captivating Documentary unveils an environmental crisis of epic proportions unfolding in the arid Kalahari woodlands of eastern Botswana. At its heart is a resilient family, whose life is irrevocably altered when climate change exacerbates droughts, driving hundreds of elephants to their Elephant Sands Bush Camp for water. Over the past 50 years, international crime syndicates have ruthlessly poached wildlife across Africa, prompting elephants to seek refuge along ancient pathways. Botswana's declaration as a poacher-free zone in 2014 sparked a mass elephant migration, a phenomenon communicated mysteriously across vast distances. Today, Botswana is home to 60% of Africa's elephants. However, the lifting of a five-year ban on elephant hunting in 2019, coupled with the worst drought in living memory, threatens to upend this sanctuary.


Voices Unheard

a woman with black hair and a scarf on her head and large earrings

Navigating the tumultuous terrain of pain and revelation, "Voices Unheard" delves into the deeply unsettling world of juvenile sex offenders. The documentary offers a haunting yet crucial examination, as the director employs intimate interviews with both the young offenders and the officials intricately involved in their cases. The raw conversations unflinchingly tackle subjects of sex, abuse, and the harrowing cycle of trauma, presenting a rare opportunity to deconstruct societal taboos. The film pierces the veil of silence, allowing a piercing look at the agony, the aftermath, and the intricate paths toward healing and understanding, amid the shadows of abuse's enduring legacy.


Pollock & Pollock

a blonde woman waits on a sidewalk

Jackson and Charles Pollock, two brothers, and two painters, are caught up in the twists of twentieth-century American history. The electrical center of their trajectory is New York. Their correspondence resonates with it, questions a myth, and brings a painter out of the shadows.


Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King

a pixelated wolf mask

Delve into a world shrouded in mystery and deception in this riveting documentary. This compelling film captures the labyrinthine journey of Bitcoin investors left stranded in the aftermath of a financial debacle. The sudden and bizarre death of Gerald "Gerry" Cotten, the brain behind the cryptocurrency empire QuadrigaCX, unravels a spiraling descent for numerous investors. As they grapple with the unexpected loss of their investments, the film navigates through their pursuit for answers, justice, and a desperate attempt to reclaim their vanished wealth. Unearthing layers of uncertainty and scandal, the documentary unfolds a contemporary saga of ambition, disruption, and stark vulnerability within the digital frontier's enigmatic realm.


35 Cows and a Kalashnikov

a man in a red hat and pink suit walks calmly

In this sweeping journey across Africa, the film intimately unveils the continent's diverse pulse. In Ethiopia's Omo Valley, meet the Surma tribe, known for their distinct body painting, steadfast in preserving their traditions amidst modern encroachments and looming conflict shadows. The vibrant streets of Brazzaville reveal the 'sapeurs,' men of extraordinary elegance, embodying resilience and style. The narrative reaches a crescendo in Kinshasa, in the thrilling world of wrestling. Here, meet Texas and Zena, wrestlers preparing for a significant bout, their stories a vivid intertwine of tradition, religion, and modern African pulse. This documentary emerges as a heartfelt ode to African pride, unraveling the continent’s multifaceted spirit with striking visuals and compelling narratives.


Return to Space

a man with short hair watches the launch of a rocket

The documentary intricately weaves the narrative of Elon Musk and the dedicated team at SpaceX in their unwavering quest over two decades. Their mission? To successfully send NASA astronauts back to the International Space Station, all while radically transforming the landscape of space exploration.


See No Evil

a chimapnce with a birthday hat

Journey into the worlds of three extraordinary apes, each hailing from disparate paths of life, observed through the delicate gaze of an unobtrusive lens. Encounter Cheeta, the renowned cinematic star of "Tarzan," now spending her twilight years in a retirement home. Transition to the world of Kanzi, recognized as the planet's most intelligent ape, residing in a lab, demonstrating the ability to perform tasks like ordering food and maintaining personal hygiene. The poignant tale of the Crippled serves as a haunting reminder of humanity's exploitation of these remarkable creatures for progress. Despite their varied life stories, each ape carries a profound message for humanity. The poignant question that lingers is: Are we ready to listen and comprehend the wisdom they offer?


Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord

a young blonde in a room

In the quiet confines of his childhood bedroom, teenager Maximilian Schmidt, known online as Shiny Flakes, built a staggering drug empire, selling drugs worth approximately 4.1 million euros. This captivating real-life saga, which inspired the hit German Original Series "How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)," reveals the intricate, covert operations led by a young mind. Unearth the gripping and tumultuous journey from his meteoric rise in the perilous world of illicit drug trade to his abrupt capture in February 2015. This documentary delves into the complexities of Schmidt’s operation, the digital age's underbelly, and the uneasy intertwining of anonymity, vast money, and peril, all maneuvered by a seemingly inconspicuous teenager.



Soldier Girls

two female soldiers with weapons

This entirely observational film follows four of these women as they overcome the tests, pressure, and harsh words of the officers in charge of the training. What is before our eyes is how time makes them rougher and tougher women, even if several of them did not come here voluntarily.


Documentaries and docuseries mirror society significantly, reflecting diverse stories of humanity and the world we inhabit. They unfold realms often unseen, voices unheard, and narratives untold, enriching our understanding and empathy. As British filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock once said, “In feature films, the director is God; in documentary films, God is the director.” So embark on a divine cinematic journey with these compelling documentaries and embrace the myriad facets of reality they unfurl.


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