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Soldier Girls

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  • 1981
  • Nonemin
Soldier Girls
  • English

A documentary about women's basic training in Fort Georgia.

Soldier Girls
  • English
Nick Broomfield
Nick Broomfield Director, Editor...
Joan Churchill
Joan Churchill Director, Camera Operator
Grahame Weinbren
Grahame Weinbren Editorial Production Assistant
Kenneth Hunter
Kenneth Hunter Title Graphics
Roberta Friedman
Roberta Friedman Editorial Production Assistant
Heather Holden
Heather Holden Editorial Production Assistant
John Mister
John Mister Editorial Production Assistant
Clara Alves
Clara Alves Herself
Jackie Hall
Jackie Hall Herself
Pvt. Kelsaw
Pvt. Kelsaw Herself
Pvt. Tutin
Pvt. Tutin Herself