Željko Mirković

Željko Mirković

Director, Writer


Željko Mirković is a highly acclaimed Serbian filmmaker and director. He has made an indelible mark in the world of international cinema with his multiple award-winning feature films and documentaries.

Born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1963, Željko Mirković was exposed to the film industry from a young age; his father was a film editor and his mother was an actress. He studied film and television directing at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade, and then went on to study at the prestigious FAMU film school in Prague.

Mirković’s first feature film, Born and Unborn (1992), won multiple awards at international film festivals. His subsequent film, The Wounds (1998), was an even greater success; it won the Best Film Award at the Venice Film Festival, as well as a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival.

Mirković has also directed several documentaries, including The Real Cause (2005), which focused on the impact of the Balkan wars on the region’s population. The film was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

In recent years, Mirković has shifted his focus to television productions, directing episodes of the popular series, The Wire. He has also directed the feature film, Montevideo: Taste of a Dream (2010), which has been critically acclaimed worldwide.

Mirković’s work has been praised for its humanity and poignancy. He has a unique ability to capture the nuances of everyday life, and to tell deeply personal stories that resonate with viewers. His films have been described as “emotionally charged and highly cinematic”, and he has been lauded for his imaginative visual style.

Željko Mirković is a highly respected figure in the film industry, and his work has been critically acclaimed both in Serbia and around the world. His films are considered to be among the finest examples of modern European cinema.

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