I Will Marry The Whole Village

  • 8.5 10
  • 2010
  • 56min
I Will Marry The Whole Village
  • Original Title: Ozenicu celo selo

In Matejevac, a small town in southern Serbia, there are 300 unmarried men, nearly a third of the male population. There are places to meet women, since they prefer to live in the city, instead of staying on the field. In Peca, a musician who plays the accordion, has decided to marry them all.

I Will Marry The Whole Village
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I Will Marry The Whole Village, A musical search for 300 wives

Peca, an accordionist from the Serbian village of Matejevac, decides to put an end to his extended bachelorhood and thus fulfill his dead father's lifetime wish. In front of the grave of his progenitor, Peca promises to help marry the bachelor men who have remained in the countryside with very few opportunities to flirt with women, who prefer to live in the city.

Like Cupid, Peca helps to document in video the unmarried men of the town, who make up a third of the male population, so that afterwards he can show the images to the women and celebrate a local party for such reason. Serbian director Zeljko Mirkovic follows Peca's errands with a meticulous camera, it is a journey full of humor and music as he traverses the town giving form to a panorama of men for whom the solitude and the yearning of the feminine figure are daily digressions.

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