The Second Meeting

  • 8.7 10
  • 2013
  • 86min

An American stealth-bomber pilot shot down over Serbia meets his enemy a dozen years later, in peace, and in friendship.

AWARDS: Oscars Candidature for Best Feature Documentary 2014/ Jury Award. Zagreb Film Festival/ Best Concept. Red Dirt Film Festival/ Tesla Science Foundation Award/ Best Documentary. Jahorina Film Festival/ Best Documentary. Borrego Springs Film Festival/ Grand Prix. Serbian National Documentary Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Beldocs/ UNFF/ Global FPeace Film Festival/ Raindance Film Festival/ Manaki Brothers Film Festival/ Aegan Docs/ Toronto Serbian Film Festival/ Queens World Film Festival/ Berlinale Film Market/ The Borrego Sprinos Film Festival/ Queens World Film Festival/ Nomination for Best Feature Documentary. Red Dirt Film Festival

The second meeting, two former enemies and a meeting off the radar

March 27th in 1999, around 6 pm. Missile officer Zoltan Dani shot down the invisible F-117A plane on Serbian territory. Inside the aircraft, American pilot Dale Zelko rushed to the ground but managed to survive the impact. Thirteen years later, there is only a slight echo of the Yugoslav wars, a favorable situation for both fighters to have a second meeting in times of peace.

Through the device of film diaries, both men portray the interstices of their daily life waiting for the day they both meet face to face in the intimacy of their own homes and surrounded by their families. During this film directed by Serbian Željko Mirković, the uniforms and the sides in conflict are set aside to show us two redeemed human beings who share their life experiences and analyze in perspective the episode that marked them in the context of a devastating war.

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