In search for myself

  • 6.8 10
  • 2014
  • 24min
In search for myself
  • Original Title: In search for myself

Short musical film about one of the greatest violinist in Europe, Lajko Felix. This is a story about his journey through music and his own way of living with it. Lajko use a violin to create magic musical world witch doesn’t have nether one rule. His world is world without logic fill out with different musical colors.

In search for myself
AWARDS: Best Documentary. Golden Jug Film Festival

In Search for Myself, the musical journey into the heart of a violinist

The music of the renowned Serb violinist Lajko Felix flourishes among the countryside of his native Voivodine, a geography that has nourished him since his prodigious beginning and gives shape to an unclassifiable repertoire with strong folkloric influences.

In a kind of journey back to the seed, Serbian director Seljko Mirkovic propitiates a repeated image of Felix, whom we see duplicated on the screen while executing with his violin a series of beautiful pieces accompanied by himself. 

In Search for Myself is a musical rarely seen and its melodies accompanies a journey of a violinist to his origins. Among the sunny fields of a provincial town or navigating meek rivers, Felix discourses his aspirations and vibrant memories.

Pavle Nikic
Pavle Nikic Co Producer and Editor

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