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Salt Lake 2002: Stories of Olympic Glory

  • 6.2 10
  • 2003
  • Nonemin
Salt Lake 2002: Stories of Olympic Glory
  • Original Title: Salt Lake 2002: Stories of Olympic Glory

Award-winning sports chronicler Bud Greenspan delivers a powerful and emotional look at six individual stories in the official film of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City. Greenspan goes beyond highlight footage to tell the story of how these athletes overcome incredible obstacles to achieve Olympic glory.

Salt Lake 2002: Stories of Olympic Glory
Bud Greenspan
Bud Greenspan Producer, Director
Bruce Beffa
Bruce Beffa Writer
Bruce Beffa
Bruce Beffa Producer
Nancy Beffa
Nancy Beffa Producer
Kent Harvey
Kent Harvey Director of photography
Bob Scott
Bob Scott Director of photography
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams Director of photography
Jeff Kimball
Jeff Kimball Sound mixer
Peter Levin
Peter Levin Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Paul H. Maritsas
Paul H. Maritsas Sound mixer
Barbara Parks
Barbara Parks Sound Editor
Aron Prigg
Aron Prigg Sound mixer
Jonathon Stein
Jonathon Stein Sound mixer
Scott Stolz
Scott Stolz Sound mixer
Andrew K. Hodge
Andrew K. Hodge Location Manager
Michael Kiely
Michael Kiely Production Accountant
Andrew Langton
Andrew Langton Location Manager
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller Production Office Assistant
Bonnie Blair
Bonnie Blair Herself
Herb Brooks
Herb Brooks Himself
Todd Hayes
Todd Hayes Himself
Sarah Hughes
Sarah Hughes Herself
Dan Jansen
Dan Jansen Himself
Will Lyman
Will Lyman Narrator
Anja Pärson
Anja Pärson Herself
Pat Quinn
Pat Quinn Himself
Beckie Scott
Beckie Scott Herself
Jack Shea
Jack Shea Himself
Jim Shea
Jim Shea Himself
Brian Shimer
Brian Shimer Himself

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