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Packed Lunch

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  • 2005
  • Nonemin
Packed Lunch
  • Original Title: Packed Lunch

What is it about Speedos? Well here Australian director Tim Hunter is on a mission to find the answer to the question of why so many gay men can't seem to get enough of hunks in tight fitting trunks? Although somehow I think the answer can be found in the question! Anyway in a bid to discover the truth, Hunter has carried out a series of interviews with men who have more than a passing interest in this briefest of garment, including that of Speedo designer Peter Travis, who here relates his part in the history of 'the male equivalent of the Wonder Bra.'

Packed Lunch
Tim Hunter
Tim Hunter Writer, Director...
Anthony Aris
Anthony Aris Post Production Consulting, Editor
Peter Travis
Peter Travis Himself
David Wain
David Wain Himself
Kevyn Boemia
Kevyn Boemia Model , Himself
Kevin Hennah
Kevin Hennah Himself
Ken Holmes
Ken Holmes Himself
Mark Magill
Mark Magill Himself
Steven Quigg
Steven Quigg Himself
Chris Sayers
Chris Sayers Model , Himself
Tam Quach
Tam Quach Model

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